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  • Aleheir
    15 3 2

    Two teenagers are transported to an alternate dimension, the last fragment of the ancient world, and must journey through treacherous terrain, outwit cunning deities bent on their destruction, and return to the home they so desperately miss. (Very rough description, I'm basically just writing and the story is coming...

  • The Story of Charlie Blackburn
    89 24 25

    Being murdered should get you out of school. For Charlie Blackburn, though, dying was only the beginning of his story. Adopted by his great-great-uncle, Gregory Poole - dead these past 101 years - and the mysterious Society, Charlie's soul is tethered to his body, and he is brought to the Island of All Souls, where...

  • Néméter
    162 25 27

    Néméter est un jeune homme de 28 ans naviguant dans l espace infini . Il nous raconte son histoire qui va prendre un tournant inattendu . Chaque personnage l accompagnant a un role qui va changer la vie de Néméter . Une connaissance ou un ami chacun apporte quelque chose a sa candeur et sa naïveté du départ . Un jour...

  • The Great Ballon Reascue
    26 1 7

    Short story about a girl who sets out to rescue a balloon from the top of a tree and helps save the tree for the tree sprites who live there.

    1.7K 355 11

    A young man named Abraham has been desperately searching for clues regarding his alien lineage. When he gets his first clue in years, tragedy strikes. But was it truly an accident? Join Abraham as he delves deep into his own mysterious past, and learns more about his people and where he comes from.