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  • Beyond The Lines ✔️
    9.3K 794 35

    A collection of free verse poems I've written. 'For every second, words can be said; For every minute, thoughts can carry out actions or emotions; So, do I breathe with each line i make.' -MikayMPB- _______________________________ Disclaimer: Any similarity with other works of poetry is plainly coincidental. This is...

    75.5K 11.7K 59

    (FEATURED AND PUBLISHED AS A PAID BOOK ON GOODNOVELS) Being a narcissistic person, Kiisha gets infuriated by Jared who won her thrice at a competition and ever since then, she despised him. But then, Jared suddenly transfered to Royal Garden College and in a bid to know the best between them, they were both put to a t...

  • Cock-and-Bull
    411 56 8

    A collection of folklores and bed time fairytales told in District Sargodha (Central Punjab, Pakistan). Courtesy note: The cover, graphics and paintings in the stories belong to their creators. I've just got them from Google.

  • Girl on the Screen ✔
    1.1K 108 11

    *This story contains images for the lot of you to understand me better. These images will serve as proof as well. Do keep in mind that some images are too unsettling so pick your times of reading well. I suggest mornings. Images start from chapter 3 (15/4/2018)* Henri Miller will be my name throughout this story as I...

  • Hounds of the Hall
    189 13 3

    Drew Kilmer wakes up in his dorm after an epic party...only it's not the same place as he remembers it.

  • The Horrific Tale of Silver ✖
    22.6K 884 12

    Silver Winfield discovers a brutal truth. The truth about someone she knows. It haunts her everywhere she goes. It is always right behind her. Now she needs to get away from it as far as possible before it swallows her down. Remember- A wrong turn can get you killed. Cover by @atro Xity

  • Violet
    1.8M 111K 74

    A loving father desperate for power. A mother trying to save her family. A girl named Violet trying to find out what went wrong in her life and why her father is desperate for her to sacrifice her soul to an evil book.

  • Underneath A Thousand Skies ✔️
    2.5M 101K 204

    In the first world she transmigrated into, Song Jia accidentally killed the original host and made the monarch so insane with grief that the whole world was destroyed with him. Her boss then declared after she went back to the modern world: "No salary for six months!" Song Jia: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ In the second world she tra...

  • You May Know My Name But You Don't Know My Story
    3.8K 297 64

    Cover by @ElleBrown28 This is a collection of stories by many people with all with a ton of different backgrounds. Christians, Muslims, atheists, and many more. This work is not aimed at converting the reader (you) to a worldview or religion. The aim and goal is to invite you in, show you that you're not alone and tha...

  • s o l o m o n
    892 276 9

    The Tale of the Missing King has plagued the history of Soledad for centuries. It was a tale passed all throughout the kingdom of the desert that not a citizen within the confines of the walls was unfamiliar with. Though now this tale is seen just as folklore rather than a piece of history. Yusa Yokazi had never imagi...

  • Midnight Echoes (Completed)
    218K 27.6K 61

    #1 in Borno 7/12/2020 #1 in Abuja, 7/12/2020. #1 on Terrorism, 7 July, 2019. #1 in Arewa. 1st January, 2019. #2 in Fulani. 20th December, 2018. #2 in SPRITUAL. 26th November, 2018. #4 in ProjectNigeria. 15th November, 2018. #7 in Nigeria. 24th June, 2018. Azizah Yusuf is not your ordinary Arewa lady. At twenty-five an...

  • Cursed
    279K 14.6K 48

    • Honourable mention in the Spring Awards • Honourable mention in Best Cover Winner in Indigo Awards "Do you believe in spirits? Well at first I didn't but after shifting to the new house in Assam I was compelled to." Unnatural and spooky things started happening as Anwesha entered her new house. Will she be able to...

  • How to get to #1 on Wattpad - Hints and Tips
    294K 28.2K 12

    I managed to get to #1 on Wattpad for Fantasy as well as Adventure in a month and a half. After four months, I had 1 Million reads and a year later I had 5 million. I worked really hard and have been very lucky, but I'm sure that following these simple rules helped a lot!

  • My Art Book
    399 110 7

    Here I post my arts

  • The Elementalist🔥🔥[completed]
    499 96 18

    Drawn into the world of magic and demons Ellie trying to find her true identity, is thrown off when she discovers that magic is real and she is connected to it... **Ellie living a very boring life. One day finds herself in a different world filled with magic in which she meets the stunning and good looking max whe...

    456K 8.8K 8

    *** The Vision was shortlisted for the Watty India Awards 2019 under the horror/paranormal category.*** This is a supernatural adventure story of Abhay along with his childhood friend Vipul. Abhay has some visions which were earlier ignored as nightmares but it turned out to be something else. Join Abhay and his frien...

  • Nigerian Girl
    29.5K 5.1K 44

    Chizaram's life is simple. There are only three things that matter to her. Number one is her Family, which is also the most important. Number two is the not very strict, not very adhered rules that her parents have put in place for her and her siblings And number three, trying her best to be a good person to everyone...

  • Broken hearts
    105 7 3

    Anna, the girl who can only see with one eye. Runs into the forest when she came back from school to see her mother's lifeless body on the floor. After two weeks in the forest and an electromagnetic pulse which changed everything, she meets up with James_a young soldier_ and ellie_ a young girl whose mother was killed...

  • Spilt Wine
    6.9K 1.2K 64

    The disappearance of a friend and millions of Francs worth of wine interrupts David's buying trip in France when he pauses to assist and comfort his friend's wife, Catherine. Their lives are threatened, the intensifying circumstances draw them closer together, and they uncover their buried traumas, insecurities and lo...

  • Butterfly [Rewritten Version]
    124K 10.2K 49

    "Invisible and inevitable, like a butterfly that beats its wings in one corner of the globe and with that single action changes the weather halfway across the world." ― Alice Hoffman ~~ Chou Tsushima is an investigative reporter with excellent training, intense curiosity, and a past that conflicts her. A tip about a p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chocolate Monster 🍫
    17 5 1


  • The Slightest Touch
    825 296 19

    Olivia Scott, a New York girl who thought her life was edging perfection with a loving family, luxury, and friends. But little did she know it was far from fairytail, and let alone ordinary. Born with the powers far more dangerous than any, she was led to believe her life was anything but special. Living in a world of...

  • I Know My Mother👩🏽(IKMM)✅
    4.9K 1.2K 43

    After Nneka's father almost loses his life and farm, her mother mysteriously vanishes. She then moves to Lagos to live with her grandmother, but she soon finds there's more to her grandmother's life than she knows. While hawking, she meets a boy who owns something that belongs to her mother. There's no one she c...

  • Sins of my fathers
    6.9K 461 9

    Nkasi's mother: "If I had not married an Osu, i will not be going through what I am going through today" she blurted out. Nkasi's father was stunned by what his ears were hearing:"Obiageli, what did you just say?" he asked, calling her name, which he rarely did. Nkasi's mother moved backwards slowly, waiting to run aw...