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  • I'm Neighbours With The Bad Boy |✔️| EDITING|
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    Astrid and her brother; Chance just moved into a new town. She happens to be neighbours with two boys, with one being whipped by his ex and the other using the "bad boy" act to get to her. She is finally free, and can start a new life, but her ex moves too, bringing her freedom to a stop. ____________________________...

  • The Shy Girl ✔
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    "What do you want to hear? Huh? That I like you? I don't do serious relationships Emma. So either you get that in your brain or just don't, and live in your little fantasy world, but this is earth so stop acting like everything is fine and like the world is all about happiness. " He said while throwing his glass at t...

  • Last Light
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    What if darkness ruled the world without any light? What would happen? I am Apollo and I was destined to save you all. Date published : December 8 2019 Date finished : January 4 2020 "Achievements" (December 19 2019) ✨60 in Quest Category! ✨22 in Bravery Category

  • Silence ✓
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    {Book 1 of The Quiet Series} "He hunts, only if the silence is disturbed." Zeal, a very determined young woman and a mother of one, had to go through challenging moments that somehow connected to the events of her quondam life. When a stalker from her past begins to hunt her five-year-old daughter, Lisie, Zeal decides...

  • The Neighbor.
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    A mysterious house appears in the neighborhood, and a friendly gift turns sour..

  • The She-Wolf |Rewriting|
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    ~|Unedited|~ A girl who had always been saddled by the wounds of bullying. The torture of her runaway mother that plagued her before. But who knows fate has bigger plans? *** Mirella Wanders, your typical, shy, quiet, gorgeous and an unass...

  • The Year Of Goodbyes
    93 31 2

    'Every summer, I visited my boyfriend in Orlando. That was until I met Luka.' Natalie is 17 years old, she started college a few months back. Her boyfriend resides in Orlando, and every summer he flies out to see her over in England, London. But when Natalie meets 18-year-old Luka, her life turned upside down, never...

  • M e r a k i
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    "Even the devil quivered in fear when she unleashed her own demons."

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    My name is ZYX and I'm from a planet called herle , but at the moment I'm stuck Here at earth , how I got here I don't really know , and how to get back home is another thing I don't know !!

  • loving him
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    May Stewart after breaking up with her boyfriend, joins a new school,,happy she's going to be with her bestie,,,, until she meets Mason Parker-the schools hottest dude.

  • My Type
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    Taya Whitefield is a 16-year old girl with everything she could ever want in life...except a social life. After being homeschooled her entire childhood, she decides she wants to make friends and maybe even find a true love. Eventually, she convinces her protective parents to let her attend a public school. From that d...