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  • CODRUS '
    70 32 10

    he gave me his love, i didn't know what to do. he is my salvation, and my greatest downfall

  • seams and stitching ♡ published
    290K 17.1K 52

    "this is your kind of story. no one is the good guy-- no one is the bad guy-- the blame shifts from monster to monster and in this place everyone bares their teeth." [featured. highest ranking: #6 in poetry.]

  • ❝ human error ❞ poetry
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    𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐚𝐧 𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐬 𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐫 poetry for the wrong

  • sunflower [ poetry/ proses/ quotes]
    124K 7.9K 61

    ✿ Like sunflowers I want to grow in the places where there is melliflous poetry, soft anxiety, imbue art, ethereal canvas, wild fleurs, iridescent galaxies and nefarious stars ✿ [Ranked highest #1 in poems] ACHIEVEMENTS ♡ #1 in writings on 16.01.2019 ♡ #2 in thoughts on 17.01.2019 ♡ #1 in poems on 17.01.2019 ...

    23.9K 1.3K 13

    sunkissed hearts n feverish love™️

    21.9K 2.7K 15

    you've left me; constellations left unstrung within my veins. highest ranking; #2 in poetry november 2018

  • TO BE LOVED / poetry
    9.4K 804 15

    if you want to be loved - first you must find love within yourself; the rest follows. // a collection of scattered poems, drabbles & musings //

  • first drafts | ✓
    67.7K 4.7K 91

    Featured on the Wattpad Anthologies Profile. @WattpadAnthologies As the clock ticks, the pen on her hand taps rhythmically to the words in her head. Her finger runs through the cover of the journal, and her mind goes on a trip to memory lane, bringing back memories of joy and sorrow that aches her heart. With her mind...

  • stars
    311K 22.8K 103

    i feel like people are leaving me and i don't know why. → hr : 2PO © 2017 freyyyaa NOTE_2020: previously had an "alllivesmatter" tag on this book. it was added when this story was first started in 2017 to share my belief that all lives matter, regardless of gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, ability, etc. that t...

  • cosmos
    108K 9.9K 80

    oh, these lonely nights breed such ugly thoughts. → hr : 9PO © 2017 freyyyaa

  • Catharsis | On Hold
    58.7K 4.6K 45

    Perhaps tomorrow, the flowers will bloom for you, too. Wattpad Pick - 4/19/18 (Pocketful of Posey) Featured on TeenFiction (Trending Teen Fiction) Featured on WattpadPoetry (Heart Stains)

  • of voids and visions
    5.5K 981 13

    destruction of the self Ⓒ shezal, 2018

    55K 2K 10

    POETRY ECHOES OFF HER TONGUE 2016, revolved © POETRY | 3

  • Far Side of the Moon
    136K 12.3K 70

    Now, I am exposing what's on the unlit part of the moon. What you haven't seen. What you haven't heared. What you do not know. In form of poorly written poetries, prose and short stories. Highest rank: #4 in Poetry (08/06/17)

    45.6K 3.7K 28

    live love die, all on the same night.™

  • horribly beautiful ✔️
    99.6K 7.6K 45

    people write about things that do not happen. they will romanticize this world in hopes of filling themselves up. they write like their words are food. but i have always written to empty myself completely. i will romanticize feeling nothing. june 1st 2018- august 16th 2018 thank you, @blushingbieber, for the wonde...

  • Torschlusspanik
    7.3K 828 14

    (n.) lit. "gate-closing panic"; a sense of anxiety or fear caused by the feeling that life's opportunities are passing by and diminishing as one ages or in my case, the fear of missing out on you.

  • bittersweet amour.
    7.9K 840 44

    "personification of beauty. master of deception. queen of heartbreak. ruler of my heart." ------------------ #1 in sonnet. June 17th, 2018. #33 in poetry. June 23rd, 2018.

  • Moonswept
    48.2K 3.1K 20

    This is a follow on collection from Windswept. In this collection I will examine the concept of love from a more ethereal perspective.