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  • Attention Lover
    576K 21.2K 71

    Where Jimin is a bratty bottom who loves attention and his 6 roommates love giving it to him. Jimin x BTS Side ships of Namjin, Sope, and Vkook Mature content

  • Haikyuu!! One-shots
    27.2K 482 25

    Current insluded Ships/Duos: - MatsuHana - IwaOi/OiIwa/ Iwaizumi & Oikawa - Atsumu & Osamu - YahaKyou/KyouYaha - Tsukishima - Washio x Konoha -Kamasaki & Futakuchi - KuroKen - Tsukishima & Yamaguchi - AsaNoya - Lev x Yaku - BoKuroo -Semi x Shirabu - Kawanishi x Yamagata - Kuroo x Yaku

    278K 4.6K 14

    One shot about volleyball dorks being gay. ??

  • I'll Make You Mine || Miya Osamu
    160K 6.8K 14

    Status: COMPLETE ~ ~ ~ A heart can be delicate, that's what (Y/N) wanted to believe. She is lonely, fragile, yet she's still a cheerful person. Life treated her badly, yet she still accepted. Afterall, she's used to every person in her life who comes and goes. Or so she thought. He unexpectedly came into her life. A l...

  • The kitsune in the mountains | Suna Rintaro
    69.4K 3.2K 18


  • babe | Miya Atsumu
    555K 19.3K 45


    Completed   Mature
  • It's you (Akaashi Keiji x Reader) Haikyuu!!
    441K 17K 15

    "Akaashi, do you like someone?" She felt the shiver going down the boy's spine. "Yeah...", Akaashi replied after a moment of silence. (...) "Are you... Are you sad because you like someone too?", the boy asked warily. "Yeah..." "Did he reject you?", he inquired. "No...", [Name] replied. "But he likes someone different...

  • Life in Color ✔️
    12.7M 470K 67

    Book 1 in the "Life in-" series Scarlett Rain Rhodes is just like every other 17 year old high school Junior. She goes to school, makes good grades, cheers on her schools squad and tries to stay out of drama. What makes her different is the fact that she is responsible for taking care of her four siblings after her...

  • Trouble In Paradise?
    10.1M 395K 47

    After battling with a life threatening disease, Stephanie finally got the all clear on her health. She was free to live her life. She is starting a new school at the start of the year, planning to just finish high school with no problems. But then a certain asshole and his friends come barging into her l...