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    **FEATURED STORY JULY 2018* **WATTPAD HQ READ OF THE WEEK AUGUST 2018* **WATTYS 2018 WINNER** Casey Brogan is on a mission to self-destruct. Whether it's booze, drugs or men, she's spiralling out of control and stepping over the line, to destroy the demons of her past and herself in the process. Ethan Drake isn't...

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    [Now published!] Snarky Angels. Bad boy Omens. Dangerous Demons. And a deal with the Devil. -- The past twenty-four hours have been pretty weird for pre-law student Rachel Mortimer. She accidentally sold her soul to the Devil. An Angel showed up in her bedroom. And an irritatingly hot Bad Omen has been following her a...

  • Death is My BFF (Book 1 of the Rewritten Death Chronicles)
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    (OPTIONED BY SONY PICTURES TV AND 2014 WATTY AWARD WINNER!) The legendary Angel of Death has spared Faith Williams' divine soul. However, this merciful act comes at a price. When she turns eighteen, her soul and everything that she is, will belong to him. The problem? Faith's not going to hell without a fight. Death i...

  • Cut To The Bone
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    Ever since her eighteenth birthday, Azima Rousseau knew she would die battling the forces of Hell just as her mother had, and her grandmother before her. So when her destiny delivers her to Death's door, it is not the Devil who answers, but the Demon Prince Malecoda. Instead of ending her fated existence as his sworn...

  • Sinfully Delicious
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    Book One of the Devil's Deal Trilogy. Welcome to Earth, post apocalypse after the council of twelve angels, their hunters of the light, along with the fallen one and his kin, reclaimed it from the humans. Humanity has been relegated to slavery, food stock or second class citizenship. In a world that contains demons...

  • Flaws And Feathers ✔️ [NEW BAD BOYS WITH WINGS]
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    BOOK 1 Vienna Reyes struggles with her anger. She's a misfit in a sea of grey, and always has the feeling that she's being watched. Her life is pretty much mediocre, but that changes one day when Vienna and her sister Gwen find what appears to be a boy who has fallen out of the sky. He has no ID, no money and barely a...

  • This Cruel Sky
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    A Marked girl trapped in a deadly game. || An angel entangled in a pact with the devil. || And one willing to sacrifice it all for love. || Who will survive when three fates collide? ~ Jade ~ No matter how many angels Jade kills, she can't stop what has been set in motion. Once a year the fallen angels gather for Harm...