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  • Tour Guide || K.SJ
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    ❝I'm Kim Seokjin's girlfriend.❞ I firmly told the unknown man with broad shoulders and plump lips towering over me. Not in all stories the female lead is orphaned, homeless, and sad. CrackFic✓ {24/7 soft hours with Kim Seokjin with no antagonist to interfere}

  • The Truth Untold || J.Jk
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    ❝Why do you love me? I'm just a maid.❞ ❝I didn't love you for what you are, I loved you for who you are.❞ ❝B-but just look at you and look at me, you are so powerful that just by one flick of your finger you can kick me out of this house.❞ ❝Yes, I know that, but do you know what you have? Even if I kick you out, you...