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  • Queen of the Damned
    334K 15.7K 51

    Everyone dies, some just outrun it better than others.

  • Burning Empires
    36.9K 1.4K 18

    "She is a pet that sleeps in my bed, rolls onto her back to please me, and gets on her knees when I demand it." "A bitch can get manipulated just as easily, she just has a vendetta once she finds out." **** Empires rise and fall. The world crumbles and people die. Powers change and champions are made. Bodies are c...

  • Choking on Diamonds
    272K 7.8K 49

    Everyone has something that kills them inside. The only difference is some people have the illusion of family while others don't even have that anymore.

  • Hunting Sunsets
    262K 6.6K 44

    "When your brother finds out what I do to you behind his back we're dead." "Then maybe I should stay on my knees so he doesn't notice." *** Everyone wants to see the sunset. It's something so beautiful and enthralling; so close but so far. I've been running after my sunset like my life depended on it. He's in my bed b...