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  • Divergent What Could Have Been
    211K 5.3K 47

    divergent, no war, i know its overused but it's a fun type of story. Candor or dauntless and fourtris This book is being edited. It should resume being updated after Christmas.

  • Um, Welcome To Dauntless
    13.5K 423 30

    The war in Divergent never happened. Tobias and Tris are trainers. But the initiates this time round are a bit, say, strange.

  • Stay
    10.2M 114K 69

    *CONTAINS SOME SEXUAL CONTENT* Rose and Harry have been broken up for a month. And they both feel a bit out of place without one another to call there own. Harry's excessive working out and Roses constant need for him aren't helping the situation. Rose finally cracks harry and there talking again and acting normal but...

  • Keep Chasing: A Divergent High Story
    475K 11.6K 48

    Beatrice Prior is the new girl at school but was very popular at her old school. Everybody loved her. She is very talented and very smart. But then she meets a guy that she really likes. But she refuses to go out with him because she feels that he will only break her heart like the rest that she has dated. Will she so...

  • The initiation: Met in abnegation sequel
    39.6K 1.4K 13

    It has been 5 years since my beautiful Tris passed away. She told me to move on, but all of this time I have been grieving. I didn't think I could love anyone as much as I loved Tris ever again. But I was wrong. I believed that lie up until now. I walk into the adoption center, and a little baby girl catches my eye. I...

  • Met in Abnegation
    133K 4.4K 29

    What would happen if Tris met Tobias in Abnegation. Would they fall In love or stay best friends? When Tobias transfers to Dauntless will he change? Will he remember Tris? Or see her as just another initiate?

  • toby and bea
    16.5K 488 26

    this is my first story and its all about when Tobias and Tris first meet as little kids in the real world and current time

  • Dauntless Devotions
    2.1M 43.8K 101

    [I WROTE THIS IN 2013/8TH GRADE DONT JUDGE] What if the ending of Divergent was different? What if there was no Abnegation/Erudite war? What if Tris and Tobias had a chance to lead a (somewhat) normal, Dauntless life? What if they could accomplish things they were never able to do in Insurgent of Allegiant? What if th...

  • Tris Prior: The Model
    475K 12.4K 52

    Tris Prior is a Victoria Secret model and lived in LA but her dad gets and amazing job offer her and her family must move to Chicago were she attends a new high school. She meets Four and he likes her but she doesn't know if she can trust him. Does he like her for her or for her looks?

  • Divergent: Truth or Dare and more
    336K 7.4K 54

    truth or dare and more in dauntless pg-13 ummmm I like cliffhangers so be warned. but Truth or Dare with the Divergent characters! much more too! DISCLAMER! I do not own divergent. the wonderful murderous Veronica Roth does!