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  • One Direction Took Me
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    Your kidnapped by one direction. Alot of stuff happens, but you learn to live with them. Read to find out. Short story **COMPLETED** (One Direction is not a band in this story) ***First book in the 3 book series***

  • Wrong Number l.t
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    ME: Mom I need gum my breath smells like shit. MOM: Wut. I'm a dude and I don't have a daughter. ME: Mom you haven't told a good joke in years lol. MOM: [picture attached] if I look like your mom you should really reconsider your childhood ME: Oh. Shit.

  • Texting One Direction (Completed)
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    Sam: HELP IM FREAKING OUT IN THE STORE Unknown: HIDE IN THE CLOTHING RACK FAST! Unknown: who is this btw __________________________ What happens when Sam text an unknown number? What happens when that unknown number is Louis Tomlinson? What happens when Louis Tomlinson puts her in a group chat with the rest of One...