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  • Ryguyrocky Oneshots
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    Hey, doods and doodettes!!! This is an oneshots book for Ryguyrocky, and I'll be taking comments for what YOU want to see!

  • confused love book 2
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    unicorn has turned evil when someone new says that unicorn was crying in the hallway who is this new stranger where did they come from and why is unicorn causing trouble

  • confused love
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    its when a highschool romance takes things to new levels(i dont own the cover)

  • Ryguyrocky instagram
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    Ryguyrocky instagram kony and tyan they Become friends with coldy and unicorn man Tina is nice to goldy

  • Goldycorn - The Promise REWRITEN
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    andjejsjiej this is the new version which is still bad but still good? i guess- Sorry for no cover-

  • my hot crush(goldycorn AU highschool, fanfiction)
    5.6K 107 29

    the popular student a.k.a Goldy,Tina,Ryan,and saber have been popular since first day when there grade 7,now there grade 8 and some one new in the grade have arrived and became popular already,even girls drooling at him for being hot AF,even Goldy has a crush on him,when they know him,they just didn't care and let him...

  • Tina x Ryan💚💙
    1.8K 3 13

    Ryan and Tina are dating in secret and Goldy seems to have a problem with them hanging out so much. Ps This is my first story I don't own any of these character and the are up top is my drawing please don't seal it.

  • Life after the Daycare : 2.0
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    My reasoning: So, a while ago I was gone for a couple of months which was unexpected. Therefore I hadn't updated my books. I finally came back and I found it hard to update the books that I had started doing before I left for a while. I lost real interest in the "Life after the Daycare" book because I found this one...

  • Life after the Daycare...
    2.3K 87 35

    Hello! I decided to start another book. Well, another Daycare book! This is MY TAKE on what there life will be AFTER the daycare! I really try my best on my books. Hope you like this one! **Characters belong to Rocky Media** **Cover made by me** #13 in RyguyRocky : 8/23/19 #4 in goldycorn: 8/23/19 1.6k reads! (just r...

  • My Little Sloth (A Goldycorn Fanfiction)
    282 21 3

    This is were unicorn and goldy do their thing.. You know OwO but sabre tries to steal goldy and that leads to drama. And I hate drama. OwO also sabre is there in the story cover, creepin if you don't see him.. Owo

  • Dreams Do Come True
    33.5K 710 82

    Ryan x Ash

  • He love me, he love me not
    1.8K 65 17

    One school day on the way home, Kat started to cough out roses along with some blood that startled her. She asked her friend Lizzy about it and the answer she got was unpleasant. Knowing she didn't want to ruin her crush relationship but also didn't want these feeling she had for him to go away, she told herself she w...

  • Neko Goldy (Goldycorn)
    189 10 3

    My first book (hope it's good) In this book Goldy is a neko, but there are specific times she turns into a neko and by knowing the time and keeping track, she keeps it a secret from everyone except her dad until now.(P.S she can also turn into a cat/kitten)

  • Tina X Ryan (Daycare)
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    There are multiple ships. The only thing in this I own in the character Whitney.

  • ☆ Some Random Fandom Oneshots ☆
    1.7K 8 20

    ryguyrocky is basically the main fandom so its most likely gonna be mentioned- five nights at ryan's is probably the most mentioned fandom thing that's gonna be in this story (8/6/2020) edit: i change fandoms very often so ea- fandoms included: ryguyrocky (maybe roblox myths) some skeppy ninjago OSO (open source objec...

  • What happened to you?
    1.6K 54 12

    Its heartbreaking when Ryan tells the others he has to move far away from the daycare but before he leaves he pulls Tina aside T- what did you need cutie? You could see the tear streaks on both of there faces. R- Tina when if you ever see me again and I don't remember you I want you and the others to do everything in...

  • Welcome To My Life!
    1.1K 24 10

    Hi my name is ash and this is my life with my family

  • Mini stories (ryguyrocky)
    1.9K 25 7

    So I notice that most ryguyrocky books are mostly just goldycorn books and it not that i have a problem with it, it just that I like to see more Tyan stories and I most definitely like to see more Kony stories! But most of the Kony stories just get discounted or never updated again! So you most likely won't be seein...

  • Maybe Someday....
    645 18 7

    This story is about one of the greatest ships ever it includes characters from Daycare we all love the ship Goldy and Unicorn so I hope you enjoy.... (Art by Unifox_yt)

  • Freshman Year•Ryguurocky FanFic
    1.4K 28 17

    based on the original daycare series by ryguyrocky now high school kids is back in this all-new book. the crew enters high school. friends reunite and get the biggest. challenge yet high school with elements. read all about it in my new book. Freshman Year•Daycare FanFic. coming soon to wattpad. did I do a good dece...

  • A Strange Homecomeing
    465 21 17

    A part two was asked and one shall be given. This is the first part. I will continue to add parts until it is finished. Cause that's how stories work. :3

  • Ryguyrocky Mini Stories
    8.2K 144 29

    This is a book that is gonna be filled with Ryguyrocky short stories! I don't own these characters!

  • Ryguyrocky Oneshots
    11.3K 170 17

    This will basically be a collection of Ryguyrocky ship oneshots. These will either take place in Recess, Dragons, or Daycare. All daycare ships will be in here.

  • A Christmas Gather (A Ryguyrocky short story)
    934 22 9

    Hey everyone! This is my first short story on the platform and i hope you like it. This is a story about the Daycare Squad from Ryguyrocky's channel and what happens to them later in life. I hope you al enjoy. Warning major Goldycorn and Tyan shipping. But nothing sexual i'm not that kind of writer. Hope you enjoy!

  • A Broken Tiger
    1.8K 100 28

    Have you ever felt the if you told somebody a secret that you would live to regret it? Well for Tina that's reality if she were to tell anybody it would wipe any trace of her existence from the universe and she would have to start again. With so many things happening at once a threat rises from the shadows to take som...

  • 𝚂𝚑𝚎 𝚏𝚒𝚡𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚎 (MCF pt.2),(A another Tyan Story)
    258 6 3

    You thought Daycare adventures are over ....NOPE there are new challenges and problems can the daycare passed them? Find out in this book.

  • Only She Can Fix My Heart
    2.9K 41 13

    Tina moved away leaving Ryan heartbroke. Unicorn stops showing up leaving Ryan devastated. Now he is in highschool and has never been the same but when he sees her his heart starts working again. (Ryguyrocky owns all the characters but the story outline is mine.)

  • .+*Love to be*+. [Gina (Goldy X Tina) Fan Fiction]
    4.6K 46 12

    The worst of enemys become friends and start to get feelings for each other. Cover not made by me. I wanna thank @NotHumanOBS for letting me use the picture and I'm sorry I have not been updating. I will very very soon. I have been at a hold. *Cough* writers block. Anyways, 550 reads... Damn. Thank you all for reading...

  • Tina X Goldy Daycare
    6.5K 63 17

    ryguyrocky daycare roleplay but with a twist