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  • TDWU: His Property | ✔︎
    8.8M 239K 55

    "You know I can read your thoughts right?" He asked me smirking. He licked the part on my neck where his bite mark was, causing me to jump. A shiver ran through my body, and I moaned out loud, shocking myself. He chuckled as my eyes widened and he kissed my neck, biting it a little. "You're so...submissive when I to...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alphas Unknown Daughter | ✓ (Rewritten)
    30.1M 768K 30

    COMPLETED Two teenagers, a party and the unmistakeable mate pull, but what happens when it follows with a steamy night and a rejection the next day? Then only a month later, you discover a surprise which would change your life forever? In Lara's case, she decides to keep her baby a secret only to accidentally bump i...

  • Alpha Ren ✔️
    872K 37.2K 50

    *BOOK ELEVEN* (Can be read as standalone) "There's a problem with your theory," he murmurs, the touch of his fingers down my jawline, down my neck, a silent warning. I'm in the midst of a cold, calculated predator. "One side of me wants to preserve that precious innocence of yours, while the other, well, wants to abso...

  • Alpha Kael ✔️
    833K 37.6K 51

    *BOOK TEN* (Can be read as standalone) "We call him out God. Because we have no other choice." Discipline and order is not Jada's choice. And after graduation, she expects to become a slave to a prison warden for the rest of her life. Just like the rest of the delinquents. However, her fate takes a sudden change when...

  • The King's Possession ✔️
    875K 32.1K 58

    •Mature Content• "Is it really so unbelievable that I would kiss you? That I want you?" he asks, the softness of his tone gliding its way across my skin. "Because I plan to do it over and over again." *** While working her job at an Inn, Akara is faced with a mysterious stranger, who blows in with the wind, followed b...

  • Alpha Alden ✔️
    640K 29.6K 50

    *BOOK NINE* (Can be read as standalone) "My Fate is a curse. I didn't ask to be a slave of an immortal. I didn't ask for his branding. And I didn't ask for my mate to hunt me down and try to remove it." They say time can be the biggest punishment. Especially when Time is a powerful immortal who granted me time travell...

  • Embrace Of The Lucifer #wattys2019
    701K 26.7K 61

    WARNING*** This story will contain mature contents, read at your own risk. *R-Rated Story* I sat there quietly not saying a word as he moved his hand from my shoulder to my waist. I flinched at his touch and instantly moved away from him. "Ma-master wh-what are you do-doing?" I stammered looking down. I was not al...

  • Alpha Noah ✔️
    372K 16.3K 47

    *BOOK TWLEVE* (Can be read as standalone) "Having two mates is almost impossible. But it's happened to me. And not only do I have two mates, one is an Alpha, and one is an Immortal. And both want to have me." Abella lived a simple up until the day she met her first mate. Cian is not just any immortal. He's a Sin, Gree...

  • Verboten
    534K 11.3K 16

    *HIATUS SORRY* *****MATURE CONTENT. 18+ ONLY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.***** [ver-boht-n] adj. German 1. forbidden, as by law; prohibited "Shut your pretty little lips, and we won't get caught."

  • Heat
    631K 11.8K 20

    *****MATURE CONTENT. 18+ ONLY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.***** I have never experienced anything like this before. It felt as if my body was on fire, and I was pulsating everywhere. I opened my eyes and my world was spinning. He clapped his free hand over my mouth to keep me quiet as I let out the loudest scream I have eve...

  • Prince Caelan
    297K 13.6K 34

    Prince Caelan Black, he's good-looking, charming, and not to mention royalty and the heir to the throne of The Vale. Acela Shaw is new in The Vale, the realm full of creatures and magic. Being human meant she was viewed as weak and looked down upon. She gets a job as a maid in the royal palace and everything is norma...

    Completed   Mature