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  • "His Hoor" (Hussain Asif's Fanfic)✔️
    256K 12.1K 59

    "mom I don't wanna marry him. Not on any condition " She said and left the room. while I was standing here dumbfounded. She just rejected me. She rejected Hussain Asif.... This is the story about Nerd and the cool.. Let's join the journey of their Destiny. Nerd and the cool together..... Note:...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mannat......A Love Story
    893K 38.1K 75

    it is Dhoombros Fan fiction, actually a Hussain Asif's story, his journey towards the stars he wanted to touch and that one special girl he kept on meeting in his life...again and again!!!! no mater how hard he hated her or avoided her, destiny did its work ;)

  • Towards Dawn #Wattys2016
    133K 12.6K 50

    Yes they have seen dawn... They have witnessed the most beautiful moments but for that they had to stay up the whole night, had to count all the stars for a thousand of times before finding that ray of hope and light.... they had to go through all the darkness to catch the bliss. But that darkness that chaos, only mad...

  • SHACKLED(A Muslim Mafia Romance)
    622K 30.3K 44

    **Ruhi** I was a simple girl with simple desires and feelings.I just wanted a little happiness but i guess happiness wasn't my friend.He changed my life.He says he did all that because he loves me.He is my lover,my enemy,my angel,my devil,he is my husband. **Kashan*** I was empty,devoid of feeling,happiness untill he...

  • The Criminal's Love
    4.2M 60.3K 20

    It was not an arranged marriage. Because an arranged marriage occurs when the third party decides something for you. It was not a love marriage either. Because love marriage occurs when you want to marry someone you love. It was a forced marriage. Jasmin didn't have a choice. Her parents didn't have a choice. He wante...

  • You Will Always be Mine
    741K 40.5K 51

    "I will not go against my parents for a person who abandoned his morals and humanity for power." Her voice may come out monotonous but her body is badly shivering from fear. He never came this close to her. "You were mine and you will always be mine Kanwal.....Do whatever they say until I get my hands on you." He wh...

  • And You became my Dawn
    914K 52.7K 44

    Ahmed Wali, a man in his late twenties, the heir of Wali Brothers, a famous name in the constructions companies of the country. Family, friends, wealth, looks, he was blessed with everything a person could dream of and just like any other person, he has his flaws. Hiding the part of his personality that seeks revenge...

  • You are MINE!
    6.9M 259K 65

    The line separating darkness and light is very thin, no one knows when they will stumble upon the other side. The same thing happened to him long ago, an incident and he was dragged into the other side of the world, but instead of being devoured by the darkness, he swallowed it. Ruling over the demons of the society h...