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  • You Are Worthy // DADZAWA (SEQUEL TO Y.A.L)
    169K 7.1K 43

    Things have been going nicely. Sure, the occasional hiccup or bad day always happens in this household, but Shouta isn't going to let those things get him depressed so easily. He has his kids to look after. And, honestly, shit's gonna suck; it's life, and that's how it goes. Things always just go up and down, there's...

  • Fairy Tail: You're Lucy of Fairy Tail. (A NaLu Fan Fiction)
    869K 27.2K 24

    - - - - Lucy is a passerby, stopping in the town of Magnolia to replenish herself before continuing on her lonely journey. She has a rare form of magic; Celestial Mage Magic. She's the only one who possesses such, but it's considered a disgusted magic to mages. When Lucy Heartfilia meets Natsu D...

  • Slayer Mating Season
    91.2K 1.5K 13

    Dragon slayer mating season? More like Devil, God, and Dragon slayer mating season. But what happened why Levy chants something she couldn't understand? Now it's not just slayer mating season, bu- Read to find out HIRO MASHIMA OWNS FAIRYTAIL AND THE CHARACTERS

  • You Are Loved // DADZAWA
    567K 18.8K 43

    These kids were going to drive Shouta to death with worry. He began to see them more as children then people training to be a hero. They were more innocent then he thought. And he hadn't realized that. Now Shouta Aizawa lies in bed, paralyzed in thought. No one was ever going to hurt his kids again. He would make sur...

  • Tribulations [Izuku Midoriya x Reader]
    31.4K 188 7

    [MY HERO ACADEMIA AU] -revamping- ==SOULMATE AU== In which Soulmate A will get injured and Soulmate B will have flowers grow in the area of injury on the skin, but also feel the pain that Soulmate A feels for as long as they feel it. tribulation [ˌtrɪbjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n] NOUN (tribulations) a cause of great trouble or suffer...

  • Chocolate Milk [Izuku Midoriya x Reader]
    6.8K 241 21

    [BNHA SOULMATE AU] In which the Soulmates can't lie to eachother and must answer any question completely truthfully. ============== Everything comes with a cost. Young L/N Y/N learned that one day when she awoke to the sky turned savage and the humans just as insane. With horror around every corner and blood on her ha...

  • He wasn't being himself
    426K 15.8K 49

    Everything was going well for the young hero in training, Izuku Midoriya. That was until, the league wanted him. The league of villains managed to get their hands on a dangerous quirk. One that would send Izuku back into despair from the past. Would his friends be able to help him in time? Or will His haunting pa...

  • Before my heart gives out (My hero academia)
    296K 14.2K 25

    Everything he loved, became everything he lost. Izuku Midoriya learned just how precious life truly was at a young age. He decides to take matters into his own hands by making sure his mother's death wasn't in vain. he's left to become a vigilante. or story where izuku's mom dies in a car crash and izuku...

  • Second Chance
    85.7K 3.1K 22

    It's the age old question-what if you could go back and do things over? What if you were given a second chance to make it right? After a devastating battle that left many heroes severely injured, Katsuki Bakugo kneels amongst the rubble, the lifeless body of Izuku Midoryia before him and it was only then did Bakugo re...

  • Deku: The Villain of Hope
    236K 6.1K 52

    I own nothing. This is a new story about what would happen if Izuku Midoriya ran away from home but the League of Villains found him. The cover was made for me by SuperStriker642. They did amazing!

  • Shattered Dreams ||Nalu||
    5.3K 282 22

    Lucy knew her dream of being apart of Fairy Tail was complete when they became her family, but sometimes when following your dreams, you forget that nightmares are dreams too.

    Completed   Mature