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  • The Organizer:- A Kim Taehyung Fanfic
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    what happens when a non-fan of BTS, who is a prestigious event organizer falls in love with Kim Taehyung? Drama, that's what. This is my first fanfic. I hope you all like it. Please follow me and do vote my story.Thank you.

  • Love You So Bad ✔||J.JK FF|| Mafia Love Story
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    {COMPLETED} Never lose trust- They are meant to be- They've fought too long. ... They deserve each other. They love each other so... Bad. You can't take the love away- Jungkook quite outdone himself. Nobody would harm his precious love. She would stay with him as he would with her. Never left alone, t...

  • Cursed Images
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    Cursed images

  • petit / yoonmin
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    petit park jimin, even petiter min yoongi