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  • constellations [DISCONTINUED]
    11.4K 358 22

    "she has cassiopeia sprinkled on her skin" shirbert modern au

  • Tragical romance- a SHIRBERT story
    53.3K 1.5K 31

    "Tragical romance and all?" "Remains to be seen." ------------- There was a boy, There was a girl, There was a place called Avonlea. started august 2018 finished june 2020

  • REFLECTIONS | shirbert
    112K 4.1K 29

    Anne and Gilbert are not in high school anymore, but their paths will inevitably cross again. When the past comes back to haunt you and revive feelings that never left in the first place, all you can do is either be terrified about it or be fascinated about the unforeseen fate. Sequel to STARING.

  • Ahead By A Century - Anne with an E
    77.9K 2.3K 39

    {COMPLETED - UPDATED COVER JANUARY 2021} An Anne with an E fanfiction continuing on from the end of season two, surrounding the development of the relationship between Anne Shirley Cuthbert and Gilbert Blythe.

  • Close Proximity -Anne With An E-
    45.9K 1.4K 12

    When Matthew and Marilla are going out of town, they ask Bash if Anne can stay with him, Mary, and of course, Gilbert for a week. Sleeping with only a wall between them, makes them realize some things about themselves, and their feelings. S h i r b e r t

  • Let it out
    1.8K 114 3

    (Completed one shot) When watching the spin the bottle scene in Anne with an e I couldn't help but wish gilbert was in it. Not necessarily for them to kiss but to see how he reacted to the awful things the other students were saying about her. This ended up a lot deeper than I initially anticipated, but I'm really pro...

  • Butterflies~~ Shirbert
    46.4K 1.7K 29

    "That Gilbert Blythe, he has the audacity to never leave my mind, to try to be the prince in my daydreams, well no, I won't allow it," said Anne stubbornly. "I hold this to be the highest task for a bond between two people: that each protects the solitude of the other." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Chains Keep Us Bound
    13.2K 696 52

    "I'm sorry Gilbert I simply don't feel the same way." "Yes she does!" Added Diana. "Yes you do." Added everyone else.

  • ~Imperfect~ by: xxits1984
    6K 203 42

    Story filled with Tragical Romance • In wich a mysteriously handsome new boy goes to a carnival and meets a girl. He tends to fall for her, but she doesn't feel the same. She feals rather anoyed by his flirting. The day afterwards he arives at school and they meet again... what will hapen once they meet again? Will th...

  • sunflower
    35.8K 1.7K 42

    in which a young boy falls for a unique girl with a fiery temper and a love for sunflowers. lowercase intended! best ranking: #1 in #anne! check out the sequel: cruel summer!

    Completed   Mature
  • who are you, my love
    2.4K 134 21

    shirbert in a modern life. Changing a little bit story line( a big little) . Hope you enjoy.Check out my instagram fanpage to get more shirbert @mr.gilbertblythe!!

  • Shirbert in the Modern Era
    70.3K 2.2K 26

    Anne, Gilbert and the rest of the AWAE gang are modern day high schoolers! How fun! Or: it's literally just shirbert fluff, with other side plots, what do you want. There will probably be Ruby/Jerry and Charlie/Diana I'm gonna try to make it slowburn RANKINGS 1. In #anneshirleycuthbert 2. In #Carrots 4. In #charliesl...

  • STARING | shirbert
    142K 5.8K 29

    Gilbert Blythe has a serious problem when it comes to Anne Shirley-Cuthbert - he stares at her too much! "Do you believe in soulmates?" he asks, half-joking, half-wanting to know the answer. "Well, no" she says "I mean, not in the 'I know you from another past life' way... but I do believe in the rare happening of two...

  • 𝑎𝑛𝑦𝑤𝑎𝑦 ; shirbert oneshots
    33.1K 1.1K 9

    "come home someday..." a collection of oneshots and me crying over shirbert

  • Ahead By A Century
    55.1K 2K 29

    "That girl, is the most intriguing person I've ever met." [AWAE MODERN HIGH SCHOOL AU]

  • Anne With an E (Oneshots)
    121K 2.9K 71

    a collection of oneshots with Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe mainly, as well as some unconventional pairings to come. Characters belong to Lucy Maud Montgomery. Loosely based off of the netflix series "Anne With an E" with some differences.

  • When You Were Young
    10.4K 471 29

    (DISCONTINUED) Anne with an e "He doesn't look a thing like Jesus But he talks like a gentleman Like you imagined When you were young." (AU)

  • Anne girl- an AWAE fan fiction
    6.7K 274 16

    This is an AWAE fanfiction The characters are not mine (most of them) they belong to L.M Montgomery. The story lines do however belong to me. Description: Gilbert's been working for the cuthberts over the summer. Anne is struggling to deny her feelings for him and Gilbert Love only grows stronger. But love is not a...

  • A Similar String | Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe
    40.2K 1.5K 11

    Truce broken after a humiliating encounter on Barry's Pond and a incident in school, Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe plunge into an academic rivalry. But when trouble strikes, the two have no choice but to work together. [a continuation/rewrite of Elaine's Rescuer] Anne With An E season 1 *June 25th - July 5th 2018* ...

  • Hopes and Fears
    36.4K 1.3K 24

    Sequel to the award-nominated Home to Avonlea, consistently placed at #1 in shirbert and #annewithane "I love you so much, more than I've ever loved anything." After the traumatic events of the winter just passed, Anne and Gilbert must return to their normal lives... but their lives are changing as they both progress...

  • what are we?
    13.3K 404 33

    anne and gilbert are sworn enemies. when at a party they become friends. will they ever become more than that??

  • Im a mess. An AWAE story
    73.1K 1.6K 30

    Anne is a mess. Modern day. Instagram. Includes. Social media. And mature content. And Shirbert scenes so yay. COMPLETED 2020

    168K 6.8K 63

    ❝ Anne had always loved the stars, how they glistened with such certainty every night, the way they coruscated against the black curtain of the sky, like fireflies or light bulbs. But as her gaze was drawn back to Gilbert's, she found that nothing - not even the millions of stars that glistened above their heads at th...

  • frick frack | anne with an E
    65.1K 2.2K 41

    modern au frick frack patty wack diddly dack just another modern Anne+friends fanfic cause I know you little shits out there who live off this stuff

  • Dispute of love (Shirbert fanfic)
    39.4K 1.3K 27

    Marilla knows, Diana knows, Bash knows, everybody else knows. So why can't the two smartest kids in class figure out this complicated equation called love...? (A shirbert fanfic, BASED IN 2018) please read before you start the story so you aren't confused: this takes place after the events of season 1 and 2, so it's b...

  • let me in | shirbert
    253K 9.8K 41

    in which a fiery red-headed girl and a charming hazel-eyed boy are madly, head over heels in love but have no idea yet. .。.:*☆ modern shirbert au credit to characters goes to L . M. Montgomery ; based on " anne with an e " started on august 30th, 2018. finished on march 31st, 2020.

  • discovery
    84.4K 2.1K 31

    Anne and Gilbert can't sort out their feelings for each other. It gets even worst when Gilbert learns some of Anne's secrets and they're forced to spend the week together in an unfamiliar place... { cover credits; @-pretty_pentagrams-}

  • Denial {Shirbert Fanfiction} {Anne with an E}
    107K 4.4K 32

    ''There is nothing romantical about you, Gilbert Blythe'' ''Wouldnt even think of it'' he says with a smirk That stupid smirk... Anne and Gilbert have been denying their chemistry ever since they met but what happens when the chemistry is no longer deniable? Based on Netflix show Anne with an E (Post Season 2) ...

  • Anything But
    20.9K 778 18

    This story is a modern day version of Anne with an E and Anne of Green Gables. It tells about Anne and her friend's journey through out high school and more specifically, her and Gilbert's journey.

  • Call me Cordelia
    103K 4.1K 39

    She's an orphan, broken and lost in the world. Having been in and out of foster homes since she can remember, love is a concept very foreign to her. All she feels is empty. He's the 'golden boy'. Loved by everyone in the school, especially the girls. Well all except for one that is. What will happen when the two disco...