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  • Fading Away
    95 4 1

    This is a Gerita fanfic that I wrote for my English class, there is a lot of angst in it. I support the HRE=Germany headcanon so that will be in this story also as the main basis of this story

  • Hetalia One-Shots - REQUESTS CLOSED!
    2.7K 107 33

    REQUESTS CLOSED AT THIS TIME! ▽ Expect regular updates and stuff like that unless if I say I'm taking a pause or something. This is like a look-inside-my-mind book! Oh wait... that's a horrible idea. ANYWAY, this contains oneshots from, duh, Hetalia. hope you aren't sick while reading some of the embarrasments I write...

  • The Letter [APH GerPol]
    2.2K 177 2

    Winter, few days before Christmas. Ludwig gets a vacation and during it he meets Feliks. Their dialogue goes down to the topic of one of Poland's letters, that he sent to Germany 20 years after WWII. Then Ludwig realizes, he didn't even open it.

  • Choices
    56.5K 2.3K 11

    The stress of being a world super-power is adding up too quickly for America. With inner conflicts that his fellow nations only seem to fuel, he won't be able to handle it for much longer. Book I of III A Hetalia Fanfiction Cover art does not belong to me.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hetalia: Japan x America One-Shot
    1.6K 81 1

    America and Japan has been dating for 2 weeks but Japan still seems not use to his touch. Can America teach him to get use to everyone touch?

  • The Murders at the Beilschmidt Manor
    1.7K 113 12

    Arthur Kirkland was the best detective in all of Europe, thanks to his lovely assistant Maria Diaz Hernandez Santos. He could solve any case! Well... Until he was invited to the Beilschmidt manor for a get together. Turns out, someone was planning for this event, for what better time to murder then in a house full of...

  • Reading Nation's Diaries
    908 27 8

    The various nations of the world find themselves trapped in a building with no way out and a book containing a collection of their diary entries. What could go wrong? This is a Hetalia fanfic. If you don't like this sort of thing then please don't read this. Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia and I can't give credit to...

  • We Wait Until Dawn (Human AU)
    3.1K 179 23

    It's been a year since two of their beloved friends went missing up in the mountains. Alfred invites everyone up to spend the night in his cabin for old times sakes. However, this trip is no ordinary trip. From the moment he group steps foot on the mountain, chaos breaks loose. Danger awaits them at every turn as twis...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hetalia Oneshots
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    (This is taken from my AO3 page, but I thought I'd post it on here too) A collection of SFW Hetalia oneshots that I'll be posting to my Tumblr blog (hetimagines). Feel free to request any pairing and/or scenario you'd like, either on here or Tumblr. Tags are subject to change as more things are posted. This will only...

  • Locked Away (GerIta)
    148K 6.6K 57

    Someone always gets left behind. I don't own Ludwig, Feliciano, Romano, Grandpa Roma, Antonio or any other character from Hetalia; they belong to Hidekazu Himaruya. I only own Klaus, Martin, and Jan.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Dying Wish
    634 24 6

    Ludwig made Feliciano a promise and he intends to keep it; but can he keep it together when everything comes crashing down? // human!Hetalia, thats what I'm using, so it's Italy and Germany, for those who didn't know :3 WARNING: Rated K+ for character death and, guys. I reference religious stuff here. DON'T LIKE DON'T...

  • Hetalia texts
    10K 635 70

    Give me ideas. This will have some ships that I ship in here Sorry for some of the Characters being OOC, just pretend that this is how they act when no one is around lol **CREDITS TO EVERYONE WHO GAVE ME IDEAS FROM RANDOM FANFICS AND COMMENTS**

  • (After) The Party (SpaMerica)
    1.2K 52 11

    This is another request from a friend. England and America get in a fight and break up at a party that America decides to host. Spain is there to help America, and eventually they end up together. Cover art isn't mine! Sorry if it's yours..

  • Mornings (Spamano)
    43 6 1

    Mornings are the best for Antonio and Lovino.

  • You'll Be Alright
    55 9 1

    Don't read if you're freaked out by suicide. Basically based entirely off of 2Nations1Tomato's CMV for Safe and Sound, which you should probably watch instead of reading this? But I mean, you should still read it. I'm not good at self-advertising, am I? Anyway, enjoy.

  • Extra Tomatoes, Please
    268 5 3

    This started out as a tiny little fic of three hundred words and it became much more fun to write than I thought it would. This is now going to be a story-without-a-specified ending, so be on the lookout for more coming soon!~ Summary: Alfred decides he needs more tomatoes in his diet. ( a k a Alfred and Antonio go to...

  • Bubblegum Boy
    94 7 1

    Antonio's the new kid at school.

  • cold {spamano fic}
    111 13 1

    Lovino and Antonio are terribly cold. warning: angst and mentions of death

  • Sleepover {sort of spaus}
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    Antonio and Lovino have a sleepover, and Antonio probably finds his soulmate. -incredibly late birthday present for the amazing schnano! spaus but it's pretty much just two lbgtqia+ Mediterranean dorks fooling around-

  • What's In A Name? {gerita}
    24 5 1

    After all these years, Veneziano doesn't know Germany's name. He plans to change that. (gerita one-shot for AnimeandGay, hope you enjoy it!)

  • i adore you
    47 7 1

    Lovino and Antonio like to admire each other.

  • 'Just a Kiss'
    60 5 1

    {france x spain oneshot} In this moment, Antonio realizes he doesn't want it to be 'just a kiss'.

  • birthday - spamano
    70 11 1

    It's Antonio's birthday, but where is his boyfriend? (I'm running out of covers so have the Sistine chapel)

  • Crazy Nation (GerIta)
    10K 137 15

    Ever since Italy and Germany started dating, Germany hasn't exactly been, well, romantic. After they talk it out, Italy learns a secret about Germany, and, as Germany learns romance, Italy learns another secret that almost costs him his relationship with Germany. Both try to keep their relationship alive as they strug...

  • Break Me Like a Promise {Austria x Hungary Fanfiction}
    3.5K 141 6

    Austria just can't control it. ((MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH))

  • Bittersweet
    241 13 1

    Feliciano isn't who he portrays himself to be. *One-shot* *Trigger-warning*

  • Five Reasons Why
    1.9K 107 5

    Five reasons why Spain loves Romano.

  • Blood Stained Gardenias
    4K 376 43

    WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND FOUL LANGUAGE Main Ship: Spamano Side Ships: Gerita, Implied Past Prucan, BelaLiech, Slight PoLiet ° June 25, 2018 ° #1 in Spamano ° [Human AU] + [Royal Au] + [Dystopian AU] Synopsis: It is the year 3000, the new world. Society went back to kingdom systems and monarchies after society...

  • Spamano oneshots
    646 24 6

    Cover art belongs to me:) Mix of fluff, angst, aus, and the works. There is swearing (courtesy of mostly Romano). Slightly triggering content, though I use warnings before chapters including it.