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  • Meant to be Yours|| Boyf Riends
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    In which Jeremy discovers his feelings towards Michael after the "incident."

  • Arson Bros/RichJake Oneshots
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    I gain new ideas too quickly, so here, have all my ideas put into small chapters. I'm a sucker for RichJake. Open to suggestions/prompts and criticism!

  • wish i was good enough
    7.3K 431 48

    Rich hates his life. He's bullied by all the popular kids. He has no friends, but there is this one kid...Michael mell...who he may have a crush on. Michael's already best friends with Jeremy Heere, though. Rich learns about a gray oblong pill that could flip his life around. But he doesn't know the consequences that...

  • Who's Your Player Two
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    "Why the FUCK are you screaming at each other?!" "Then... Who do you choose? Who's your player two...?" ___ hey guys! admin may and I will be switching off on these chapters! i apologize in advance. -admin becca COMPLETED! Thanks for all the lovely comments, they really helped push us along! ((And welcome to any newco...

  • Be More Chill-One Shots And Headcannons
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    If you love reading BMC trash please read it. (Well only if you want!) I always just think of random stuff and think, "oh hey I should make a book about all this shit!" And we are. Most of these might be boyf riends, I take requests and feel free to correct my grammar. If you guys like a one shot I may make...

  • "Removed fears and insecurities" •A Boyf riends fanfic•
    2.1K 141 2

    What happens when Michael gets SQUIPped, during The Play? Find out, in "Removed fears and insecurities"! Highest rank! 3 - jeremyxmichael !!

  • Be more chill Script
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    You're welcome.

  • You're My Favorite Person
    33.1K 1.3K 9

    One year after the squip "incident" and Michael still hadn't come any closer to telling Jeremy the truth. Jeremy is dating Christine and he couldn't be happier, or maybe he could. Is it possible that his and Micharl's friendship goes beyond your average kind of bond? Or is it all just in his head?

  • Micheal Mell x Rich Goranski
    15.8K 838 41

    'There was something different about his eyes though, something I'd never really noticed before. Maybe it was the way they lit up when he was happy or laughing, or how they kind of looked golden when she sun hit them in the right places. Idk but it was definitely something.. and I was crazy about it..' This is a reall...

  • Incorrect Be More Chill Songs {Completed}
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    Be More Chill songs translated into 10 different languages and back to english. The result is pure poetry.

  • I Think I Love Him
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    Still on break.... (Expensive Headphones) (Be More Chill) (Mentions of self-harm, suicide and abuse) (Includes swearing) Thanks for 13k!!! Yall are crazy! #1 in richardgoranski!!! The story takes place after the Squips are gone. It's still Junior year. Michael starts to see Rich's soft side after events in school. Ri...

  • Be More Chill shit 💥
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    Just some more shit I saved I LOVE BMC!!!!✨

  • We Need to Be More Chill
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    Headcanons, One-shots, and Drabbles ___ in which admin may and I need to be more chill. enjoy our hectic conversations brought to writing -admin becca ___ Credits to: jam-campasta and arieryn (both on tumblr) for the art used in the cover :))

  • Expensive Headphones/ The aftermath
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    So it's the aftermath of the squip. Everyone is happy except Michael. In the beginning suggestive boyf riends. Main ships - expensive headphones a.k.a. Michael x Rich - cheere a.k.a. Christine x Jeremy uhm I think that's it. this is my first fanfiction so yeah.

  • Be More Chill (And A Few Dear Evan Hansen) One Shots!
    40.9K 842 38

    My first book ever, so don't judge too harshly😂. Just a bunch of fluffy one shots, will take reccomends, and I actually encourage reccomendations because this girl get's writers block WAY too easily. Read my welcome chapter for more info on this stuff, because I effing suck at descriptions/summaries. ...