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  • Love or Gratitude
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    A Perfect life partner is what everyone wish for but what if you get that perfect partner in some imperfect conditions. Can love bloom in a married couple when Gratitude is the most strong emotion between them!

  • My Little Wife
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    He is dark. He is arrogant. He is fearless. He is merciless. He is rude. He hates his life. He live for money. Power runs in his blood. He is everything nobody wants to get. She is light. She is polite. She is shy. She is kind. She is soft. She loves life. She live for others. Love runs in her blood. ...

  • Hey Roomie!
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    •Anika(Bold, foodie, drama queen) •Shivaay(Adamant, ShortTempered, workaholic) ♡Anika enters Shivaay's own house as a cheated tenant. After compromising to live together, they start to feel these new feelings they've never experienced before. First crush. First love 💕 ♡So will each other fall for their Roomie?? Hop...

  • ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Brotherhood
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    ShivOmRu : Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi, Rudra Singh Oberoi. These 3 brothers belonged to a Rich family. Something went wrong and the family wasn't famous and respected anymore. What happened ? The world knows but not the three innocent brothers. They don't know why suddenly their elders started running a...

  • Falling In Love - A Shivika Romance
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    Being the daughter of one of the richest businessmen in India was not something Annika Vardhan Kabeer felt proud of. Having lost her mother at childbirth, she is raised single-handedly by her father, who means the world to her. Her outlook of life is filled with optimism as she longs to achieve her dreams of higher ed...

  • Kadhala kadhala
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    Tamil story!

  • His Queen Of Hearts
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    Annika Advani tried and kept men away from her life for a promise that was made before she was born. Shivaay Singh Oberoi failed finding the right woman, and finally abides to the promise made before he was born. Will this marriage be worthwhile for all the years she had waited and endured? Will this marriage be his f...

  • The Dating Chapter
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    A crazy story of Shivaay and Annika. Well, at the first meeting only, he was in towel and she fell in love with his perfectly shaped Abs. Annika goes to Shivaay's office for an interview and got to know that she has to be a girlfriend to him, just two hours of her day for him. The thought it would bring excitement t...

  • Ãñkàhî
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    A shivikalicious story Based on a very famous track on ishqbaaz Let's get in to the journey of two people who don't need words to communicate amazing cover for this book is from @GraphicAssembelers

  • His Ex-Girlfriend [Ongoing]
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    ✨ True love ▪▪ Feelings ▪▪ Jealousy ▪▪ Friendship ▪▪ Revenge ▪▪ Guilt ✨ ▪▪▪ An On-going ShivIka Fanfiction ▪▪▪ A story which revolves around a bubbly and chirpy girl who loves her gang in college and has a secret boyfriend of hers. What if something happened suddenly and her boyfriend whom she truly loved left her...

  • winning you back
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    the story continues after shivika remarriage , where shivaay will introduce Tanya as his wife after 15 days of disappearance .

  • I Hate You
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    what happen when you love someone but you can't tell this to them ......... what happens when you can't live without someone but you still can't even see them ......... what happens when your heart cries that you love him/her but your mouth only have to say ......... I HATE YOU .....................................