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  • Im Fine ( Depressed Reader x Markiplier)
    2.8K 40 6

    You just moved to LA for a new life and to get away from your old one. However you met someone that would make it so much easier. He started off a little creepy.. or maybe that was your anxiety.. But he grew on you, he made you so happy and you both loved it. But you lied a bit to him about your past... You never want...

  • Holding On (Markiplier × Reader)
    13.3K 273 11

    You meet Mark (Markiplier) at Vidcon. He sees the bruises on your arms and gives you his phone number. You get friendlier and friendlier as you get to know each other better. Soon you get sick,but Mark is still holding on.

  • Markiplier Smutsss
    4.4K 11 1

    You already know what this is ;)

  • MarkiSPYer
    25.1K 1.2K 35

    Mark Fischbach was an ordinary, goofy, and lovable YouTuber until a package appeared at his doorstep. Little did he know that it would set his entire life on a different course: a path of espionage - a journey that would pit him against his old childhood friend Damien, now known as Darkiplier by many, who has been pla...

  • I've Been Waiting...
    27.7K 1.2K 8

    This is a sequel of "King of the World", now set in our time.

  • King of the world
    544K 18.3K 36

    In a universe where Demons rule the earth and humans are their slaves, a small village girl somehow gets the attention of the king of the world....

  • You're My Little Biscuit Markiplier x Child! Reader
    27K 628 12

    You were abused by your Father when you Mother had died. You ran away until someone found you...

  • Hush now (Teacher markiplier x reader) DISCONTINUED
    47.4K 973 18

    -trigger warning- will contain smut, cursing, and rape. You have just moved, and gotten into a new, better?, school. The reason I questioned the better because everyone's a dick, except two people. Your new friend Kara, and your teacher mr.Fischbach.

  • It wasn't me (Darkiplier x reader)
    33.8K 1.3K 7

    As a child, you had an imaginary friend named Dark. He would tell you to do things, things like draw on the sofa, or write naughty words on the wall with felt tip markers. One day, he told you to do something which he had never suggested before. He told you to kill someone. After that, you stopped talking to him. He w...

  • You Break Me (Markiplier x reader)
    143K 3.4K 33

    (Y/N) has life problems since she was 10. At 14 years old, her father dies and her mom is having trouble dealing with it. Until a few years, when (Y/N) is 16, her mom finds (Y/N) now boyfriend, Chris. Chris is abusive to (Y/N) but her mom doesn't notice the bruises and cuts on (Y/N) that were made by Chris. Now that...

  • He Waits. (A Darkiplier X Reader)
    70.1K 2.1K 21

    You had moved to L.A, ready to go to college to learn how to be a engineer. The first day you are there though, you meet Mark Fischbach, who you learn is actually a Youtuber named Markiplier. After getting to know him, you explore his fanbase, curious. You don't know...that someone else, more sinister, is watching you...

  • Not Your Toy (Darkiplier X Reader)
    190K 4.4K 19

    "I'm not your toy!!" my voice was hoarse from screaming. "Not my toy? Is that really what you think?! You're right!" Dark sat in front of me, kneeling. "A toy you can play with, you're everything to me. I can make you do anything I want, and you'll like it, princess"

  • Darkiplier X Reader
    34.8K 648 42

    You are a human girl, but what happens when you somehow end up in a school full of demons?

  • Darkness (Darkiplier x reader)
    86.6K 2.5K 25

    Your names (y/n)(l/n), and your an independent 24 year old going to collage at Embry Riddle university in Daytona beach Florida to study robotics and engineering. It was just a normal day, sitting around your apartment playing Call of Duty, snacking having a lazy Saturday. Well the night wasn't so normal though. As yo...