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  • Carnal - Kyōtani x Reader -Haikyuu!!
    174K 8.5K 20

    {RANKED #1 IN #HAIKYUU 13/05/18} {RANKED #1 IN #ANIMEFANFICTION 22/05/18} {RANKED #3 IN #XREADER 27/05/18 (out of over 33k stories what the actual?!?!)} You come from a long line of dog trainers, so you're the only person Seijō volleyball club can turn to when they start having big trouble with their "Mad Dog" First...

    Completed   Mature
  • JUMP BUDDIES [Tendou Satori x Reader]
    460K 18.3K 30

    It is a Tendou Satori x Reader fanfiction. I do not own Haikyuu!! or any of it's characters.

  • Steal Your Girl (Katsuki Bakugou)
    1M 35.2K 90

    (Y/n) attends U.A., the prestigious school for heroes along with her boyfriend, Shouto Todoroki. Her life seems smooth until a certain ash blond boldly decides to confess his feelings to her and swears to take her away from Shouto. No. Matter. The. Cost.

  • Little Dragon Warrior [Akatsuki no Yona x Reader]
    281K 9.9K 47

    (COMPLETED) Meet Yona, the cherished princess of the 'peaceful' kingdom of Kouka. When something terrible happens on the night of her sixteenth birthday, Yona is forced to escape her luxurious life with her childhood friend and guardian, Hak Son. Now, persistent to gain her throne back, Yona decides to look for the fo...