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  • Avengers Preferences and Imagines (COMPLETED)
    534K 13K 76

    Includes, Steve, Thor, Tony, Loki, Clint, Bucky and Bruce. Will take requests!

  • Rosilice Hope And Rozella Faith
    1.7K 36 7

    Rosilice Hope and Rozella Faith are Renesmee's twin sisters.

  • Renesmee's better twin
    8K 126 8

    Hello everybody my name Mystic Chastity Constance Cullen .My mommy is Bella Cullen and my Daddy is Edward Cullen.i have a twin sister her name is Renesmee we are the best'st friends in the world i have been noticing that mommy and daddy show me more attention but i'm sure they love Nessie right ? anyway i'm a daddy's...

  • The Triplets (twilight fanfanic)
    653 16 3

    instead of one there was three meet Elizabeth Esmeralda Alicia Rosa Cullen and Jennifer Isabelle Atlanta urritia beckay Cullen twin sisters of Renesmee Carlie Cullen and how about if Jacob really imprinted on Jennifer and Seth imprinted on Renesmee and Elizabeth was mate with someone else and if you want to kno...

  • The girls are mine
    11.1K 170 22

    what would happen if jacob Black imprinted on renesmee's twin sister sarah and renesmee is having a special feeling for jacob.

  • Every King Needs His Queen
    19.3K 383 7

    A battle. Vampires, wolves, a hybrid. The Volturi. The Kings. The Cullen's. My mate. Oh and of course Alice. A battle brewing between the Cullen's and the Volturi. All over a little hybrid girl named Renesmee. What if Alice bringing the hybrid, Nahuel, wasn't enough to please the kings? What if Alice called upon some...

  • THE TRICKSTER AND THE HUBRID ✏ Avengers-Twilight Crossover
    51.5K 1K 22

    PREVIOUSLY NAMED RENESMEES TWIN | Avengers-Twilight Crossover ••• Everybody knew Bella was pregnant but not with twins. Meet Rosemarie Saga Cullen, twin to Renesmee Carlie Cullen and the less loved one of the family. After 20 years of neglection and yells, Rose is sick of it and leaves the Cullens ones and for all...

  • Renesmee's Twin
    43.6K 1K 21

    Renesmee was not Bella and Edwards only child. She has a graceful, beautiful, kind, and lovely little sister. Everyone loves her she's the heart of the family. She has Edwards human green eyes, but Bella's brown hair. And she doesn't get imprinted on, much to everyone's relief. She has Renesmee's gift (since their twi...

  • Il Piccolo Amore Di Aro
    98.6K 2.7K 13

    Renesmee's twin sister is the mate of none other than Aro Volturi. Translation title: Aro's little love

  • The Loved Twin |Twilight| *Editing*
    103K 2.1K 36

    What if Bella had twins? Renesmee and Elizabeth. What if Elizabeth was the favourite? What if Jacob imprinted on Elizabeth? What would happen when the Volturi came? This is the story of Elizabeth Cullen, the loved twin.

  • The Half Vampire Mate
    74.8K 1.4K 12

    We all know the story of How Renesme Cullen Was born.What they didn't know is that Bella Was carrying Twins.Two baby girls to be exact.Well what happens when the Volturi come for the cullens thinking the twins are immortal children.What happens when the oldest twin meets her mate.