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  • The King's Choice
    1.4M 57.3K 26

    Years after a brutal war left humanity subjugated by vampires, King Nathaniel Bryce seeks to find his Queen among one hundred human girls through an elaborate and expensive pageant. The prize? Immortality. Avery Crawford doesn't care about being immortal, and she certainly doesn't want to marry King Nathaniel, handso...

  • Alpha Jasper | ✔️(Published)
    8.7M 151K 19

    (OFFICAL PREVIEW FOR THE PUBLISHED NOVEL NOW ON AMAZON!) *Completed* *** In a small town where no one leaves, and no one comes in, a myth lives. In a town that is surrounded by a legend of cruel, murderous wolves that kill the innocent in command of an Alpha. An Alpha, centuries old, that is said to be the cruelest...

  • Bad Boy Kisses
    29.5M 651K 30

    Emilie Grey found her boyfriend Conner Hanglinton cheating on her after two years of dating. She's crushed but of course with the help of her crazy best friend she is going to move on. To bad, she didn't know just exactly how her best friend was going to help her until it was to late. Now she has the school's bad-ass...

  • SAVED: A werewolf love story
    230K 1.8K 14

    A young girl. Her parents death haunts her. Eats her alive. She is alone in this new town. But can the werewolf save her? Love her? Sexual Content Warning

    Completed   Mature
  • Born for Royalty (Completed)
    6.8M 168K 60

    Having to protect a spoiled prince and his wife to be was a boring mundane job but add in a murder plot and things were just getting interesting. When Isandra's past catches up with her, her job of protecting the royals gets harder and protecting herself in the process was near impossible. Men from the past, needed t...

  • Hidden Queen Book 1
    1.1M 16.3K 47

    Coming into a new pack can be hard, but it's even harder when you're keeping secrets. As far as our kind knows, all the royal family has been wiped out in one attack. For most of it, that's true except for one part, I survived. Staying hidden, is my best chance of surviving long enough to take the throne. But staying...

  • Surrender (Werewolf)
    8.1M 219K 34

    "Will you be mine?" he asked me in a husky voice. I stared at him apprehensively for a moment, thinking over his proposal carefully before finally settling on an answer that would, in the end, please us both. "Yes, Alpha. I'll be yours." For Claire life was rather mundane and boring. Nothing particularly exciting or...

  • Reborn
    400K 17.6K 18

    Standing on the path, my life flashed before my eyes. The gun directed at me, went off. I could see the flash and the bullet coming straight for me, but I'm frozen to the spot I'm standing, unable to move or think clearly. It only registered with me that the bullet pierced my skin when my body impacted on the cold we...

  • Million Dollar Man
    11.4M 331K 20

    Gangs. That was the one thing that had ruined Evelyn Summers life since the start. With her brother being the leader of “The London's Eyes,”growing up in a world of cruelty was something Evelyn Summers had to become accustomed to. But thing's about to get a whole lot worse. Gangs are starting to form all over London...

  • Caged
    33.9K 1.5K 35

    “She will be of age soon. Then the stupid pup can finally be of some use to us” The man said in his gruff voice. “You really believe she will shift?” The other man questions skeptically. I just sit back in my cage and don’t make a sound as usual. Instead I listen to interaction between the two men beside my cage. “She...

  • Stroked
    773K 19.7K 17

    A small baby was dropped off at heaven's doorstep with nothing but a symbol on it's ankle and a necklace with Ariel engraved on it to identify her. The elderlies and the leader of heaven, Archangel Daniel Angelo sensed the baby was an angel. But it wasn't a child of anyone in heaven and there wasn't angels anywhere...

  • The Vampire and the Wolf (EDITING!!)
    1.3M 34.8K 21

    Vampires and werewolves just don't mix. Everyone knows that. But what happens when a murderous vampire and an abused Alpha find the word "Soul Mate" associated between them? Seventeen year old vampire, Haleigh Glory, is very different from the other vampires and she knew that, with her unusual golden hair. The werewo...

  • Dare Me [Teacher/Student]
    1.4M 32.3K 22

    "I turned my head and stared into Cole's eyes, wondering what he was thinking. Sure, I may be just a couple of years younger than him but that couldn't mean I wasn't allowed to kiss him. It was just one peck. Just a dare. No harm in that. I hope." Jacky knows that sexy crush Cole Moore is off limits, seeing that he's...

  • Eternity in the castle [Sample]
    14.8M 316K 27

    Looking at the two maids walking by I stopped them to inquire, "Eh, could you tell me which way the hall is?" "Take a second left and then go down the stairs, you'll find it miss," one of the maid replied. "Thank you." Finding it, I walked through the entrance of the hall, heading towards my table to only be stopped b...

  • The Devil Is My Guardian
    21.5M 620K 28

    One thing I'll always remember is my parents saying "Everyone has a story" "Everyone has a story with a past, tragic or not. Everyone has a story that is meant to go unjudged, even if it was never told" But sometimes we forget that. Like when I though that my guardian was the devil. Even though he taught me how to lau...

    Completed   Mature
  • 100 Days in Deadland
    2.9M 64.8K 34

    Book 1 in the Deadland Saga (zombies!) In one day, the world succumbed to a pestilence that decimated the living. In its place rose a new species: vicious, gruesome, wandering zombies with an insatiable hunger for the living. Still in her twenties, Cash has watched her friends die, only to walk again. An office worker...

  • Masked SheWolf (MSW book 1) [SAMPLE]
    4.4M 61.9K 76

    [Sample only. This book has been published and is now available for sale in most ebook reading platforms and on Amazon.] The first female werewolf in centuries has to stay hidden. Against all odds, Micheal Dylan Connolly was born a girl. She must mask her gender to evade those who would want to use her bloodline. She...

  • Buried
    206K 8.4K 10

    Beep. Beep. Beep. I shifted position uncomfortably, the relentless beeping of the machine next to me once again bringing me into reluctant wakefulness. The beeping continued on amidst the heavy silence of the room, the only sound I had come to rely on. Given its steadiness, it was hard to believe I was dying. ---- Di...