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  • Alpha Possessive
    378K 6.1K 11

    Avangeline is the most popular girl in school. She has everything, perfect looks, perfect boyfriend, perfect life. Except for the fact that she isn't normal. She's the Luna of her pack, taking place of her dead parents whom died from a witch attack when she was young. But she's also mateless. Tyson is the cocky, sexy...

  • One Direction and One Mermaid
    1M 20K 23

    18 year old Chrissy Morgan is moving away from her Hawaiian home to live with her friend, Miranda Devon in California while her brother is on a swimming trip around the Pacific. Why, you ask? Chrissy's and her brother are half merpeople, but she's never told a soul her secret before she left Hawaii. But on the plan...

  • Mermaids and Werewolves
    2.1M 72.9K 37

    Makenzie and her twin sister Makayla Waters Are new in town along with their family. Somethings happened for them to move away from their home in Hawaii and now that have to have a low profile in a town infested with Werewolves. Ethan and Aiden Hall are the Future Alphas of their pack and have soon to find a mate. Th...

  • The Bad Boy Alpha Mate
    5M 130K 72

    "You're mine sweetheart." He growled and pulled me into his chest. "Um sorry to burst your bubble but I'm not a piece of material that you can own." I said pushing him away. Feeling the sparks rush through my body. "You are mine and I am yours!" He growled and his eyes got a dark shade of blue. "I think I'll pass, tha...

  • In His Eyes *The Vampire Diaries FanFiction*
    40.6K 776 6

    What if Elena and Katherine weren't the only petrova doppelgangers? What if that person was Elena Gilbert's twin Sister, Taylor Gilbert. Taylor is unaware of all the supernatural things going on in Mystic Falls, until strange things happen to her. Elena, Stefan, and Damon try to help her, but they don't know what she...

  • The Awesome Unknown Salvatore Sister (The Vampire Diaries Fanfic)
    83.9K 1.9K 8

    Damon and Stefan are moping on the day their baby sister dies. Or did she? When they were turned by Katherine and her brothers left without even checking on her she decides not to forgive them. She does her best to keep tabs on them and avoid them. She decides to visit Mystic Falls. With one huge slip up! She forget t...

  • The Unknown Twin- Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction
    33.4K 417 7

    Who would've thought that Katherine Pierce, the vampire doppleganger, had a twin sister? Well she does. My name is Violet and Katherine doesn't even know I'm alive. My best friend convinces me to go to Mystic Falls where Katherine is rumored to be. I just wish that I would have gotten as far away from there when I cou...

  • Pink Lemonade ( TVD Klaus Fan Fic )
    123K 3K 15

    Love is power... Olivia was an ordinary human. She was just trying to stay alive in all the supernatural mayhem.But what happens when the original hybrid crashes into her life. She has a strange connection with him but will she ever love the enemy or will she hate him forever after all forever is a long time ... Kla...

  • Coming Home (A Klaus Mikaelson Story)
    696K 19K 45

    When Jennifer Fell gets the worst news of her life, she is faced with a decision. Can she stay in Mystic Falls and take over her father's position on the Town Council, or will she go against everything her parents believed in and join sides with the vampires? <------ Please Li...

  • Harry Potter Vs Twilight!
    1.3M 34.6K 49

    A battle shall be fought today. Only one can triumph.

  • Unable to Love
    14.2K 344 25

    Micah-Lynn Tanner is the new girl at school, with no friends and a secret of her own. When she moves to Hiddenville, meets the Thundermans for the first time and tries to live amongst humans, Max Thunderman tries to get to the bottom of Micah's strange behaviour and way of speech, and expose her for what she is. With...

  • Intellectual Sociopath (Kol Mikaelson Fanfiction)
    71.2K 2.6K 7

    Colette Archer, heir to the illustrious Archer family in England moved to Mystic Falls, Virginia, where she meets Kol Mikaelson- a man with manners too old for his body and a mind which seemed to rival hers. They are drawn to each other by an almost supernatural source but they don't know why, and even Colette's brill...

  • the lion lust
    368K 11.4K 24

    dove is as innocent as a new born kitten with more of a bit. Well she's a werelion and lets just say she is ignorant of what it mean to be attracted to some one your meant to be with. She has no idea why she 's craving the one guy she hates. Demon Demon is a soon to be pride king and dove is his mate. He plans on tort...

  • Narnia's Lover
    16.8K 383 10

    *GOING UNDER CONSTRUCTION* This story is being re-written. You may read if you wish but I advise you to wait for the better version. Elizabeth moved in with her Aunt after her father went to war. Her mother had disappeared when she was ten, and hasn't been seen since. She became friends with the Pevensie children, wh...

  • You make me feel human (Vampire Diaries)
    3.3M 46.3K 57

    Dear Diary, Love Sucks. Nina Gilbert is Elena's long lost sister, both look like Katherine about both are mistaken for Katherine. Damon Salvatore, believes Nina is really Katherine and takes her captive to the boarding house. After realizing she is a completely different person, he decides to keep her until he knows w...

  • The Alpha's Mate
    1.2M 30.1K 30

    April Nelson is a 17 year old werewolf. Her father died when she was 7 and nobody will tell her how it happened. She moves into Woodsville and meets future Alpha, Luke Smith. Will he help her find out what happened to her dad? Or are some things better left in the past?

  • After the Werewolves Took Over (on hold)
    315K 7.9K 17

    7 months ago, the werewolves made themselves known. they said they wanted peace, and we agreed to the peace terms, but we didn't know there were so many. 5 months ago, the humans went to war, my father, mother, and brothers went to fight. They couldn't stand the idea that humans could be taken as mates. My parents sen...

  • A Mermaid for a Mate
    329K 10.2K 17

    Auralia and her brother Kenan are the prince and princess of the southern mermaid kingdom. When their kingdom is attacked and they are forced to stay on land, everything changes. They expected a lot of things when they moved to Florida, but what they did not expect was for Auralia to find her mate. A werewolf at that...

  • The Mermaid Man and Me, His Mermaid Mate
    230K 5.4K 8

    About a mermaid named Rylee who, after years of coping with the fact that she's a mermaid, is taken to the King of Mermaids to be married to his son, Titus. It's fair to say that Rylee really does feel she's been "swept out to sea"