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  • Then Came North (Hell's Legacy MC) book 1
    229K 2K 12

    This is a sample of the published book... Willow's life was ripped apart when she lost her mum in a car accident. Having no other choice, she moves away, to live with her dad. After mourning the loss of her mum, Willow reinvents herself. North has grown up in Willow's fathers MC club. When threats are made against W...

  • Dominant Biker (#1Dominant Series)
    1.9M 61.8K 60

    Before Lily's mother Sarah passed away, she​ confessed​ to Lily that her biological father is Jack Douglas the president of the strongest biker mc and she ran from him when she was pregnant with lily. ✴✴✴ After the reading of her mother's will. Lily moves out to L.A. into the condo her mother wanted. What did her m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jas *EDITING*
    619K 23K 49

    Jas Is Living With Her Sister June After Her Mother Die From Drug Over Dose. Her Sister June Is Never Home & Jas Has To Sometimes Stay With Her Friend Shayla House Or The Apartments That Helps People That Dont Have Money. She Has No One To Help with Her Problem But Her Best Friend Shayla. After Everything Look Like It...

    Completed   Mature
  • Italian Coffee House [BWWM]
    961K 44.9K 46

    A Recipe for a Disaster Serving 6 Ingredients: 1 lb. Brute of a Sinfully Gorgeous Boss 1 lb. Shy Beautiful Broken Waitress 2 tbsp. Gorgeous Matchmaking Sister 1 1/4 tsp. of Dreamy Crush 1 cup of Sassy Best Friend 1 bowl of Melted Chocolate Method: Add Brute of a Boss and Broken Waitress to a large bowl together with a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Picture Perfect. [Zustin Mieber]
    15.9K 711 19

    Zayn and Justin Bieber have been happily married for 20 long years. They have three beautiful children, live in a big house and have two dogs named Lexi and Blaze. While Zayn's a fashion designer, Justin's on stage performing. The family is always there to support one another in everything. A family with laughs, crie...

  • In Love With Mr. Wrong (ManxMan) In Love Trilogy: Part One
    9.7K 641 5

    PART ONE Loving you is a mistake. I guess I tend to make a lot of mistakes without noticing. I should of known what type of man you truly are. Our love felt like reality but instead its more a nightmare than a fantasy. You believed lies after lies without knowing the truth. Don't bother look for me because I'll be l...

  • Pink Dancer {Rewriting}
    56.3K 3.3K 8

    Adin was the Omega in his pack, before he was forced to become a rogue. He was abused because he's gay and an omega. He only wants to dance and feel the eternal love of his mate. Diesel Michales is the Alpha if the Dark Night pack. He's known for is brutality and his ruthlessness toward rogues. He's turning 30 and h...

  • Fear the Reaper [malexmale]
    441K 26.4K 21

    [Book 19] He is Death. He is Power. He is the last thing we see before our souls leave our bodies. He's also not going to let his father's dirty drama infiltrate his perfect life. Stanton's finally got it all; a perfect house in a perfect neighborhood with a perfect husband and a... sometimes perfect job. The last thi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Ultimate Sin (Redone)
    43.1K 305 3

    SAMPLE: The Ultimate Sin is being published! Because of this only a sample can be left up. I will post a link where you can buy the full novel soon. Thx xx (Book 1) Jessie is everything everyone wants. He's smart, funny, hot, and the preacher's son. He lives in a small town where everyone knows each other and everythi...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Thug
    61.8K 2K 39

  • Loving a Goon
    304K 17.6K 105

    After a tragic accident tears apart their friendship group, once best friends Kenji and Darian have never gotten along. Kenji thinks Darian is a goon who has nothing better to do than cause trouble and terrorize others. Darian, on the other hand, has secretly been in love with Kenji for as long as he can rememb...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fapping Over My Brother
    12.8K 490 3

    Copyright © 2017 by CozyBXBLover. All rights reserved. *R E W R I T E* ||BoyXMan|| (W A R N I N G: This story may contain adult content, incest, and sexual moments between two men.) Tanner and his older brother Ross don't get along in the slightest. Ever since he was a snot noes eight year old kid he's been tryi...

  • My a nerd? (BoyxBoy Mpreg) ✅ [EDITING]
    318K 15.7K 25

    Book 1 in "My Mate...." series Bennett Savage is your all average looking 17 year old teen with above average grades. He's smart. He has four older brothers and two young sisters. His parents are Morgan and Lilith Savage Alpha and Luna of the Savage Pack. He's considered a nerd for the ay he dresses but isn't bullie...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Aftermath
    137K 5.5K 30

    Book 2...Book 1 is The Thug Next Door. Synopsis: Five year since the tragic prom incident sent Rico on a spiral back into a life of drugs, women, and gangs. Becoming one of the most notorious drug dealers New York has ever seen. With no stop in sight for him, he can careless about who gets hurt. Moreover, Jessica is...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Quirky Quest For Love
    878 54 2

    [2017] This story is dedicated to all the SINGLE and Independent women who work hard everyday to pursue a future that exceeds all their aspirations. Malinda has never experienced falling in love. Twenty-one years old and she never once thought about sharing herself with another person. It's too complicated, too stres...

  • Whore.
    2.2M 75K 42

    "Meat" has been a call-guy in Chicago's gay district for over a year and seems largely satisfied with his job. Until a peculiar new client makes him question if he should be serving his meat to everyone.

    Completed   Mature
  • Curves For My Mate.
    945K 36.4K 41

    Eighteen year old Kat doesn't have the best life, in fact her life is shit but hey it happens to the best of us right? Not...... Soon she finds herself falling down a rabbit hole of power,danger and maybe even love. I guess she's not as unimportant as she thought. ********************** I felt the stares of the other...

  • Boundless
    18.9K 833 8

    Previously "You're Mine". His desire for me will lead to the end of the world. Because if he has me, then he has everything. And he won't settle until he's gotten both. Ashlynn, a high-school student with incredible, untapped power, finds herself at the dead center of a centuries-old conflict between two supernatural...

  • Savage Redemption (3rd in Savage Series)
    483K 17.1K 22

    3rd in 'Savage' series. Five years of running in with a vicious gang will change a man and Jack is no different. He returns home a changed man covered in scars both physical and emotional. He wants to start over.. He wants to forget about all the bad he's done, but can a man ever truly escape his past or is he damned...

  • I Fell For A Gang Member [2]
    354K 6.7K 35

    This is the sequal to'I Fell For A Gang Member' I hope this one turns out as good as the first. Keep those comments coming and make my day! ;-D

  • The Biker's Chase
    239K 10.3K 17

    Book 2 of The Hellhounds MC Avery Summers worked hard to get where she is today. Working for a top hospital in Nevada with her best friend is a dream come true. The only problem- Slasher. He's annoying, hot-tempered, possessive, over protective, and hell on her body. After one night with Slasher Avery has to decide wh...

  • Letting Go
    322K 20.2K 45

    Let Go, something easily said by many and hardly performed by few.

    Completed   Mature
  • Paige : Plus Size Story
    185K 8K 29

    Paige has it all the loving parents and friends but just not somebody to call her own . To love and cherish her mind , body and soul . After her horrific break up with her boyfriend Travis for almost 2 years . She just shuts down . Working as a secretary for one of the biggest magazine companies In the world. She som...

    Completed   Mature
  • Plus Size Affection (COMPLETE)
    477K 18.9K 46

    Janelle struggles with weight problems. She's struggled every since she was little. She, lives with her abusive foster mother who criticize and makes her feel worthless. Janelle wants to make a change in her life, she doesn't want to be fat any more. She doesn't have much friends, not any at all, and is teased a lot...

    Completed   Mature
  • Harmony's Journey
    1.4M 50.2K 85

    22 year old Harmony Jackson has moved all the way to California from New Jersey in search Of a new start for herself and her son. She's been through hell and high waters, and now she's throwing a possible love in the mix as well. What will happen along Harmony's Journey. Please note that in order to read this book, y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Random OneShots
    11.8K 222 25

    To cure my writer's block, I've been trying to write some OneShots to help with the problem. There will be many homosexual pairings, as well as straight; it all depends on the mood of the writer.

  • Dominantly Yours (A Werewolf Tale)
    8M 262K 35

    Claire Masters is an Omega. Adopted into a poor family, she worries more about staying afloat in school and taking care of her little brother than pandering to the Mistwood Valley pack. Then Nathaniel Groves comes home. Nate, the pack Alpha, has spent the past couple years combing the country for the man who...

  • One Winter Night
    2M 61.9K 12

    During a New England snowstorm, spirited single mom Emerson Brown is stuck in the castle of elusive billionaire Liam Wyatt and she's less than happy to discover he sent for her under sneaky pretenses. The one-night stand they'd shared years earlier, full of spontaneous adventure and seductive passion, has stuck with L...

  • The Alpha's Slave (Completed)
    14.3M 358K 70

    BOOK 1 Whenever it is time for a new Alpha/King from the royal family to take over the Midnight Black pack, a new slave is chosen for the Alpha to keep until he finds his Mate. And this time Zander Knight will be the new Alpha of the Midnight Black pack and it is his turn to pick his slave. Zander Knight is sexy, arr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Irish Twin's Run Away...
    251K 12K 19

    Isabel Mendez was about to turn 21 yrs old. Instead of celebrating her milestone with a party or going out with her friends like most young adults, she is seeking food and shelter instead. Abused and molested numerous times by her neglectful mother's two boyfriends, she runs away hitting the streets of Dorchester in B...