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  • Little Brother
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    A short piece on unconditional love. FEATURED BY OFFICIAL WATTPAD PROFILE: MicroBytes

  • No, This is Short... {Completed}
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    An anthology of short stories that all range from 500 words and below, there will be a word count next to the title of each piece. Other than their lengths, there isn't any other thread connecting them together. Hope you enjoy. -Zakcya _______ P.S, I do not own the cover image so if you are really into that sign, then...

  • Microfiction Collection That Ended Up Frightening Me
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    I posted microfiction to twitter for a while daily, here is the result.

  • Bah Mistletoe!
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    Disgruntled Elves are finally speaking out about the real mistletoe-whipping Santa. Read one elf's account in this micro-fiction. Third place winner of the @MicroBytes 2018 Winter Nanofiction Contest.