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  • All Dead
    41 1 1

    A dystopian story about a man trying to survive in a world that has fallen apart. His wife needs him. Their child needs him. The boys with the guns want to stop him.

  • STRENGTH (Mark of Nexus #1)
    85.8K 4.1K 55

    When college student Rena Collins finds herself nose-to-chest with the campus outcast, she's stunned. Wallace Blake is everything she's ever wanted in a man--except he can't touch her. His uncontrollable strength, a so-called gift from his bloodline, makes every interaction dangerous. And with a secret, supernatural w...

  • Fairy Tale Fail
    101K 2K 20

    Ellie Manuel is a hopeless romantic, stuck in a cubicle all day. She's in her twenties and should be having more fun. But instead of doing what she really wants, like traveling wherever her Philippine passport can take her, she's hung up on the guy who dumped her for not being "ambitious enough." Someone should tell h...

  • Daemons in the Mist
    3.5K 158 32

    Accidentally marrying a beautiful stranger—what’s the worst that could happen? We all have that one thing—that one thing we wish for on every first star of the night. Wealth. Fame. Love. For geeky artist Patrick Connolly, it is the attention of his beautiful and seemingly unattainable classmate Nualla Galathea. Howeve...

  • Dovetail Diaries
    1.1M 6.8K 48

    Some say brother and sister Leo and Amber are just too close. They say the tragedy that left them alone as children is just too strange, too sad. It seems all Leo and Amber really have is each other. And music. Always the music. That is until the band they've been in for as long as they can remember - The Dovetails...

  • Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc.
    2.3K 31 3

    It’s the year 2069 and even though eighteen-year-old Bianca Butterman is heir to the family biz, she may never see the day her time-craft license becomes official. When a government agent starts nosing around the operation, Butterman Travel, Inc. gets stuck with a full audit—part of a government take-over scheme to sh...

  • Diary of a Teenage Time Traveler
    315K 2.2K 27

    Who needs teenage dreaming when you're a time traveler? Bianca Butterman's parents run their own time travel agency in the latter half of the 21st century and Bianca's heir to the family biz. Talk about travel perks! Leisurely trips whenever business permits is more than just a rockin' good time. Except, how do you k...

  • CLICKS - The Dolphin Prophecy
    425K 2.5K 18

    Book One in The Dolphin Prophecy. Clicks is about instincts - feels. Those moments the universe stops to tell you what's going to happen next. Sixteen year old Cami has been looking forward to this summer forever. She's finally old enough to compete in the elite category for the annual Surf Carnival that takes place o...