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  • My Hero Academia X Male Reader
    408K 12.4K 41

    In a world full of heroes and villains people always pick a side...but what if you did neither?

  • The Pure Who Embraced Hatred
    504K 17.1K 102

    "He accepted hate in the place of love, Disgrace in the place of honour. A burden where a normal human can lose their mind but not him..." -Kagaya Ubayashiki- "Tell me where should i go? To the left where nothing is right or to the right where nothing's were left..." -(Y/N) Uchiha- (KANAE X MALE READER X SHINOBU) Dis...

  • Naruto X Male Reader
    799K 20.5K 61

    (Naruto Anime x Male Reader) Y/n isn't your average ninja,and no one will stop him from accomplishing his goal...

  • Reincarnated Male reader x Naruto
    336K 7.6K 31

    A certain male dies and finds themselves in there favorite anime