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    6.3K 435 11

    He stole my stereo and my sanity.

  • SINNERS • H.S.
    14.3K 464 27

    In a world made up of Saints and Sinners, He bowed down to her. - Alternatively known as the one where Harry's the top suspect in Winnie's father's biggest case yet.

  • Fine Line (+Extras)
    6.9K 248 13

    Faye is a emotionally distraught local actress and Harry is a tattoo artist. Who said friends with benefits wouldn't work out?

  • harry styles one shots
    22.3K 446 7

    harry styles one shots that come from my tumblr @moonchildstyles

  • the sun [h.s.] - sequel
    7K 684 28

    in which harry returns from traveling around the world to keep his promise to the moon; or luna, the love of his life. he's back from his journey tanned and fit, but sadder than ever. "if i'm the moon, then you're the sun." » [non-lowercase] this is the SEQUEL of a Harry Styles AU. please read "the moon" first or you...

  • aster extras
    78.2K 1.7K 13

    continuations of my aster fic ----- u can find me on my tumblr

  • aster
    84.7K 1.5K 5

    harry is a tattoo artist and kind of a dick and (y/n)'s just getting into her own but (y/n) has a huge crush on harry ______ this is one of my series from my tumblr thank u sm for reading!!

  • body heat | h.s
    3K 333 7

    --- When an argument turns deadly, the right person comes to the rescue and the evidence is swept under the rug. One hidden body and one missing persons case later, all seems clear. But, when the missing persons case suddenly turns into a homicide, the truth starts leaking through the cracks. How long will it take u...

  • a dance with the devil
    128K 4.4K 26

    when the devil himself joins the tedious therapy sessions violet has been forced to endure, she can't help but be intrigued by his beauty and charm. but dancing with the devil doesn't come cheap and the devil is good at pretending to be everything you want.

    31.3K 1.2K 21

    Harry Styles got more than he bargained for when he was assigned to protect the brat, Adira Fiorelli. She willingly left behind the wealth that her father accumulated to pursue her dreams of becoming an architect. Despite her every intention to move forward, her past weighs her down, and her meticulous plans for the f...

  • Devil's Due [h.s.]
    212K 10.3K 45

    Devil's Due: To acknowledge the positive qualities of a person who is unpleasant or disliked. Harry Styles, the brooding and intolerable tattoo parlour owner, meets River, a somewhat shy and misdirected girl, who just doesn't understand the reasoning behind his nefarious ways but is determined to find out. River comes...

  • Liberation [Disclosure sequel] h.s
    10.5K 646 7

    DISCLOSURE SEQUEL Make sure to read the first book before reading this one as it is a sequel for Disclosure! *** "Do you still love me, Harry?" I ask feeling helpless, all the energy I had left in my body had evaded leaving me completely empty. I am not ready to hear his answer mostly because I know what it is, but I...

  • 𝐏𝐈𝐄𝐑𝐂𝐄𝐃 // 𝐇.𝐒.
    159K 6.3K 32

    in which joelle d'amore is completing her final semester of university in the grand city of los angeles, california. when she finds herself in the presence of harry styles, a piercing man with dangerous agendas, she is permeated with fear. she saw something she shouldn't have and now she's fucked. » He brushes my par...

  • Sunflower, Vols 1-5
    2.3K 133 5

    Harry as a singer-songwriter type, working at the neighborhood bar in exchange for living space in the loft upstairs and performance time on the makeshift stage a few times a week. Y/N as his old friend from school growing up, back in her hometown going through a quarter life crisis and trying to prove to herself that...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's All I Think About
    3.9K 76 5

    "I know we're sloshed but, I've been thinking," he started carefully. She giggled at his words, but didn't stop him, so he continued. "About what you said... about boys? Well I was thinking and...I know we've talked a bunch before about how you've never had a boyfriend and you're like... afraid to not know anything...

    Completed   Mature
    10K 692 19

    Sometimes, love can feel like it's everything. And sometimes, we hope it can be.

    Completed   Mature
  • LIGHTHOUSE // a harry styles au
    7.1K 766 11

    From an intern running coffee while still in school, to second in command at one of the best realty companies in London - Lighthouse Real Estate had become a huge part of your life. It allowed you to work for yourself in every sense, and afforded you the luxury of a nice apartment in center city. Your home was your sa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Taken | h.s + bey ✔️
    119K 6.6K 50

    Young Kimberly Goudeau is kidnapped by a disturbed, lonely man who is trying to bring back the woman he cares most about. She finds herself being held in his family's old plantation home and being forced to be someone she isn't. On top of being kidnapped by a mad man, she'll soon discover that the old home has a myste...

  • Last Place You Look
    78.5K 2.6K 70

    "I don't think about getting through all the bad things as accomplishments, if I'm being honest." "What do you mean?" "The bad things are a side effect." He looked at me confused. "A side effect? Of what?" "Being human."

    Completed   Mature
  • Hundred | h.s. au
    3.9K 312 19

    They all look the same... but they're not him. harry styles au

  • S W I T C H [H.S. AU]
    735K 17.4K 48

    Sex, money, gambling. A series of casinos strung throughout the countryside of France. What's the worst that could happen? //MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKINGS// #1 mitchrowland #1 darkfanfiction #9 niallhoran

  • The Truth About Monsters [Harry Styles]
    25.1K 863 33

    The truth is this, every monster you have met or will ever meet, was once a human being with a soul that was as soft and light as silk. Someone stole that will from their soul and turned them into this . So when you see a monster next, always remember this. Do not fear the thing before you. Fear the thing...

  • mine {h.s.} | {b3}
    24.5K 2K 14

    [sequel to medicine and becoming] ☤☤☤ "am i yours?" "of course you're mine. when i look at you, i see pieces of myself that are existing outside of my body. i see pieces of my heart, pieces of my brain, pieces of my soul, pieces of my love existing in you. you are of me, and therefore mine."

  • REM - H.S.
    30.4K 1.1K 6

    In which a figment of Harry's imagination becomes reality, in the best and worst possible ways. . . WARNING: MATURE CONTENT

  • Legendary // H.S
    256K 8.3K 66

    'You are going to help me acquire something very valuable,' he spoke close to my ear, his breath fanning down my neck. I looked up at the paintings in front of us, all worth millions of pounds, and then at the spot on the wall where one was missing. The knowledge of what had happened to it was giving me the adrenalin...

  • Suit {Harry Styles AU}
    234 26 5

    All Harry Styles wanted was his name on the door. What he had not wanted was a hurricane of a person known as Georgie Hawthorne, but that's exactly what he got. And she just might get him what he wants. Lawyer AU © 2017 | AU | COMPLETE Word Count: 28,094

    Completed   Mature
  • Catch Me If You Can {Harry Styles AU}
    10.2K 737 22

    Lorelai Sterling hates hates hates Harry Styles. But don't worry, he hates her just as much. the hating game au where harry is a lawyer and lorelai is his bosses secretary ©2019 | AU | Complete Word Count: 61,715

    Completed   Mature
  • Jumpstart [h.s]
    423K 12.3K 24

    "In me you see a man alone. Behind the walls he's learned to call his home." Sage Allen comes home from college one summer with her lover Lennon expecting nothing more than a handful of memories and fun. But what happens when she is faced with heartbreak and betrayal finding herself tumbling into a local car shop ever...

  • Fool's Gold [Completed]
    235K 7.8K 31

    Escapism (noun): the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. Mikayla never intended to do this for a living, but desperate times call for desperate measures, a phrase that Harry is all too familiar with. After three years in a one-s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rain | Harry Styles
    827K 23.2K 72

    "Love, like rain, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy. But sometimes under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots keeping itself alive." In which a girl called Ana meets a boy called Harry who has a strange fascination with the rain...