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  • Sabertooth Goddess 2 (Fairy Tail x Reader)
    3.5K 202 22

    [[COMPLETED]] A continuation of Book 1. Probably will ONLY contain ECLIPSE CELESTIAL SPIRITS arc because I wish to start on other stories! It might also be half-assed,, sorry guys! ----- Credits: Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima Pictures/Drawings/Art belongs to their rightful owners Only plots (some of it) and OCs...

  • The Water Fairy (Fairy Tail x Reader)
    300K 8K 39

    [[COMPLETED]] Juvia Lockser had a little sister, named (Y/n) Lockser. They got separated as children and now has gone separated ways, Juvia has joined Phantom Lord and (Y/n) has joined Fairy Tail. One day, Phantom Lord attacked Fairy Tail. What will happen when (Y/n) and Juvia meet? ----- Credits: Fairy Tail...

  • Sabertooth Goddess (Fairy Tail x Reader)
    413K 9.1K 28

    [[COMPLETED]] --- [WARNING! this story is slightly cringey. CHAPTERS 6, 8, and 9 are the ONLY weird parts, i think] --- (Y/n) Eucliffe, a White Dragon Slayer and the younger sister of Sting Eucliffe, is being liked by numerous guys all around Fiore. Will a certain guy be chosen? I don't know. Will I ever know what I...