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  • Random
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    Random events of my life.

  • Fanfic Fanart
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    As the titles suggests, this story will be filled with fanarts of fanfics I've read on Wattpad. All fan illustrations can be freely used by the author of the fic as long as credit is given

  • The random arts
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    This book is mainly for non gj related stuffs. Example: Mlp So yah

  • Fan-Art
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    My fan art from the movies that I like.

  • Aced It Counter: Series 2
    30 5 2

    Let's see how many times Kyan says aced it in this series...

  • Aced it counter: special Xyan addition
    237 38 11

    I'm a strong believer is Xyan, so this book will be the aced it counter for episodes where Xyan moments are present. Enjoy :)

  • Go Jetters ☆ Art Book
    1.5K 212 17

    Like the title said. art for the show Go Jetters ! it can range from ship art, to AU art, down to just.. whatever -! I'm excited ta fill a book with art for this show i love ! requests are currently closed-!

  • It's Just A Game (a Go Jetters fanfic)
    27 4 2

    The Go Jetters have found an ancient but haunted board game.When Kyan rolls the three dice,they go into a world of betrayal,temptation and tests.Will they make it out alive?Or will they enter word full of pain and suffering? Requests are open!!!!!😁😀 Inspired by TheNeonBunny's work.

  • ⭐Magic of a Pen
    49 9 2

    a GJ A.U. !!! Tala is a very ordinary 11 year old student at a very ordinary school. After the pen that her teacher gave her broke, Tala started experiencing strange things. Her friend Xuli, too. And after a strange dream, she realized that the teacher, who everyone hates, was not as normal as they think. There's a hu...

  • monsters vs go jetters
    298 24 6

    A battle of go jetters and monsters *warning sacary😯😯*

  • G.O. Texts
    5.9K 161 48

    Wondered how the Go Jetters would text????? Well, here u are :)

  • Aced It Counter: Series 1
    644 87 55

    How many times does Kyan say Aced it in a episode.

  • GJ, Academy Origins; Tales of a Dynamic Duo
    278 26 6

    Ubercorn starts to remember the things he had left to fade in the back of his mind, as the memeories grow more vivid. He tries to ignore it, but he cant. He felt it once more, as he did almost every day. Guilt. Regret. It was better before, he knew it was. For the two of them.. Why..Why did he do what he did? If he c...

  • A Go Jetters' Christmas Carol
    790 110 14

    Cover by @TheNeonBunny!! Make sure to check her out!! *** Christmas is just around the corner and it's almost time to be festive! *** The Go Jetters' stay at Bailey and Kyle's in Russia for Christmas was meant to be fun, but who knew something as small as a star would tear them apart? Fortunately, one clever plan can...

  • A Knightly Quest: a Go Jetters Fanfiction
    124 19 6

    Welcome to the world of Gojetisha! This is a Go Jetters AU when one boy, desperate to prove himself to his evil father, kidnaps the prince and his cousin. The king, in an act of desperation, tries to find to people who are destined to free them... but what he ends up with is not what he expected! All credit of this id...

  • Go Jetters + Octonauts One Shots
    100 13 3

    It says it all in the title... BRING ON THE ONE SHOTS!

  • ⭐Tales of the Academy Leader
    759 167 39

    Hi! My first story, and it's about UBERCORN! It is my version of Ubercorn's past. About how he became the Go Jet Academy's leader, and his relationship with Glitch. Enjoy! 0_0 *Cover art by me!

  • "Captivity" GJ Swap! AU
    72 12 2

    In this alternate Universe. Ubercorn is holding the cadets captive and the GJs are helping him! Ubercorn and the GJs also use painful ways to try to teach the cadets. On the other hand, Glitch is trying to save some of the cadets and also the landmarks! Glitch despises thee way that Ubercorn treats his cadets. I Hope...

  • A Go Jetter's Power
    618 50 17

    When Glitch plans something decidedly EVIL, Xuli has to make a decision that will save her friends... and discovers a hidden power in the process...

  • ⭐My Silly Drawings
    435 80 16

    just my drawings! enjoy(or not)! IMPORTANT note : DO NOT USE MY ART WITHOUT PERMISSION! DO NOT USE MY ART WITHOUT PERMISSION! DO NOT USE MY ART WITHOUT PERMISSION! (this is very important so I have to say it three times.)

  • Go Jetter Stories!
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  • My Artwork
    157 32 6

    A collection of my drawings and other pieces of fanart. Still a very, very new artist, but that means there's room to improve! * 《 Currently not taking any requests 》

  • Art stuff
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    A mix of fanart, Concept art and other random stuff with the rare chance of shipart.

  • A Mistletoe To Remember
    162 21 4

    || ON HOLD || It's finally December at the Gojet Academy and everyone has been chit-chatting about a special event that's happening on Christmas Eve; the Yule Ball! Kyan has been having the guts to ask out a certain Ace Pilot to the ball, but is too shy to do so. Can the gymnast be able to ask his pilot on a date to...

  • Go Jetters Book
    4.1K 386 72

    Cause Why Not?

  • The New Go Jetters 》 A Go Jetters FanFiction
    1K 89 13

    Foz is an adult now, and his life, well, it's not what he expected. Foz and his team graduated the Go Jet Academy, and joined the Go Jetters Elite, an advanced team of Go Jetters with more intense missions. Xuli and Kyan got married, and had two kids, but, the two went missing, and were presumed dead. Lars left the ac...

  • Go Jetters One-Shots!
    142 11 2

    Go Jetters One-Shots! Requests are open x

  • The New Leader (Go Jetters Fanfiction)
    547 59 13

    A Go Jetters Fanfiction... The Team meet a friend of Ubercorn's who wants to join the academy. In this time, the Go Jetters will learn all about the rollercoaster that is Ubercorn's years at Go Jet Academy. Hope you enjoy!

  • Random One-Shots
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    I dunno what this is

    1K 93 13

    I stumbled across GJ by chance when my brother was watching it and I enjoyed the character and the concept of Go Jet Academy (aaand the theme) alot. Not to mention how the show managed to teach the importance of preserving arts, heritage and nature to younger audiences (this is really important is this day and age) I...