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  • finesse / vk.
    416K 26.2K 31

    in which Jeongguk has to work with a fellow dancer who's guts he just happens to hate. "I just don't like your damn attitude, Taehyung." he tried to stay unbothered, not making eye contact as the older one pinned him to the ground. "You do, Jeon? You know i could just look at you and you'd melt in my arms." Top!Taehyu...

    112K 11.5K 12

    Taehyung's life was perfect. He had friends, a loving family and a girlfriend he loved to death. But they were all fake. Real friends wouldn't plot behind your back, lovers wouldn't cheat, and family sure as hell wouldn't sell their own child off. But that was Taehyung's reality. Everyone he cared about turned their...

  • My Delinquent|tk
    64.8K 3.8K 33

    Taehyung thought it was going to be just any other night at his local 7 Eleven as he goes to buy a few drinks and snacks to study for an upcoming test. Yet, that damn Jeon Jungkook had to go and ruin his life, by trying to steal. - "Don't ever do that again." "Then don't steal ever again." "Well how else am I supp...

    2.3M 151K 70

    In which self-control is nonexistent in a risky game of chance between a billionaire bad-boy and a broke college student with an unhealthy love for gucci. a vkook fanfiction. topkook! bottomtae! HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in taekook REACHED 1MIL: 5/04/19 REACHED 2MIL: 5/21/20

  • Just Friends
    1.2M 15.7K 13

    **Before reading, please be aware that this book is currently under construction and undergoing editing. The story will not change, just things like grammar, word change, etc. I will remove this statement once editing is completed** Where Taehyung has a dirty dream about his best friend Jungkook, and freaks out. Whi...

    Completed   Mature