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  • Ever After High Raven Queen Is Gone Forever After
    26.5K 631 11

    Raven Queen daughter of the Evil Queen and The Good King was about to commit suicide. She was tired of all of the royal being mean to her for not signing The Story Book of Legend, and during True Hearts Day, her heart was broken after seeing Dexter Charming son of King Charming was holding hands with C.A Cupid daught...

  • When Best Friends Kiss (Book 1)
    8.8M 270K 45

    (Book 1) Alex and Liam have been best friends their whole lives until a drunken kiss leads them down separate paths. As time passes, they must face truths they never expected. ***** Alex Camejo and Liam Santos have been thick as thieves since they m...

  • Love Never Ends #EAHWattyAwards2016
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    *The book has been entered into the #EAHWattyAwards2016 into the Dexven/Ravter Category* "You can't force love, love will come to you and you can't escape it." I don't own these characters and pictures. --Angelbabynm