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  • Creative Deco; A Review Shop ↠ (CLOSED) ✔
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    (CLOSED) Get your book criticized constructively and honestly! Fast waiting time, great feedback. What are you waiting for? Hop in! ↬ Queue: 5

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    Welcome to another addition of THE GOLDEN AWARDS for the 2020 season! *AWESOME COVER BY: Cannibalistic Necro We here at THE GOLDEN AWARDS aim to help great authors receive the recognition their works deserve! The undiscovered become discovered with the exposure from this awards! HERE IS YOUR 2020 GOLDEN AWARDS TEAM: ...

  • Stories of the Month
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    In this story, we will be showing off a story from each of our Reading Lists once a month. These will be books we definitely think you should take a look at! Want to find a good story? Read more to find out which one fits your tastes!

  • The Wolf Awards - Judging
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    CLOSED FOR PARTICIPANTS AND JUDGES Welcome to the Wolf Awards! Hosted by yours truly, the wolf goddess and admin of the Fur and Feathers account - dedicated to animal writers. Open to all genres, with a bonus Animal genre, because that's what we're all about. Why not try your luck? The awards help writers share and pu...

  • The Glory Awards 2019 [WINNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED]
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    STATUS: CLOSED FOR JUDGING Welcome to the Glory Awards! Here, undiscovered writers can make their debut on Wattpad! Please come inside for more info. Cover by @itsmarrosee (Cover switches every month)

  • WAWA: Book Of The Year
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    We are back with the final WAWA book awards for 2019!! (🔮) OPEN () CLOSED () JUDGING Brought to you part by: @h2hoeee @lem0ng1rl and @glorios

  • vintage reviews [CFCU]
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    in which one gets their book reviewed ^-^

  • Fruit Awards 2k19 |||| CLOSED||||
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    #1 in certification on 7 November 2019 #1 in Medals #2 in certificates We find the gems and deserving authors whos to be awarded as best book writer!! Get participate and give a chance of awarding if u deserve to be appreciated and motivated by viewers

  • The Violet Writing Contest (JUDGING)
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    A fierce contest using the process of elimination. Will you make it through? Cover design by @fallenaengel

  • The Trident Awards II
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    We are back! It's another season and we're happy to get the second bus moving! You have what it takes to hold a trident? Hop in! The Tridents work when necessary to spotlight as many authors as possible and we are glad by doing that by hosting this award. New or old, famous or hidden, pro or learner, there's something...

  • The Crystal Quartz Awards
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    🖑🖑 Welcome to our Awards! Do you have less than 10k reads? Do you want to be discovered, get more reads, and get awarded for your hard work??? Look no further! 🔮🔮💎💎 Make sure you read the rules before you enter. We hope you have fun! 🌟🌟🌟 Hosts @brooke_saylor85 @GoldenHour21 @sorenavit

  • Story Critic | Closed For Now
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    Hey guys! The title says it all. I can read your books for you and point out the goods and bads. Don't give up, keep writing!

  • Book Club for the Busies.
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    You are an author, who wants his/her book reads, comments and awareness going, but you are quite busy with either your job or school? Thechampawards is bringing to you a Book club that helps your book reads and comments going, even though you are quite busy to do a read for read. Our bookclub managers @Torieasy @I_and...

  • Jerk Reviews - Closed
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    Welcome from the Circle of Jerks. We're a group of snarky friends who enjoy humor and sarcasm. However, we also love serious writing and often spend time critiquing each other's works. If you're interested in having you work reviewed, along with a few other awesome prizes, and/or if you're interested in reviewing work...

  • Fantasy Contests
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    Where you can find information about all the Fantasy contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.

  • The Rose Awards (Open)
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    Everything's in the book ^

  • The Monthly Gemstone Awards 2019 || CLOSED
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    CLOSED. Are you sick and tired of participating in awards that take far too long to complete? Or awards that end up getting cancelled halfway? Are you looking for an award that actually provides you with feedback on how you can improve, rather than just a score and a prize? If so, you've come to the right place! Thes...

  • A Bard's Tale : @Magic Contests and Challenges
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    @Magic book for all writing contests and challenges in this magical world.

  • Share (2021) - Read For Read, R4R, Contest
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    ⭐️#1 in Review The "Share Your Story Club" has 1000 members, and counting! Join to get follows, earn perks (such as a capsule review, an interview, or earn Book of the Month honors), and of course get a read for read (r4r), comment for comment (c4c), or a follow for follow (f4f) from your fellow clubbers! Check out f...

  • Contests and Challenges
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    Do you have what it takes to fight the dragons, the mages, the monsters? Stay up to date with our ongoing writing contests and competitions here! *Please note, the following contest and its rules are the creation of a team of Ambassadors and is in no way affiliated with Wattpad or its staff. Judging of said contest i...

  • Steampunk 101
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    A guide to all things steampunk

  • Work Of Heart Award (Close -open For Judges)
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    Currently close Please check it out further to enter your book or to be a judge in this contest

  • The Jade Stone Awards 2019
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    CLOSED Enter your story now for the Jade Stone Awards 2019. Get feedback and compete with your story! What's your story?