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  • Labyrinth 3 : Sarah's Return
    2.7K 97 34

    The 3rd book in my series with Roselea! The Labyrinth is in trouble again and Jareth has no control. He had no choice but to transport Roselea to the real world to get help for the Labyrinth. Roselea stumbles upon Sarah to help her. Will she go back again to help the Labyrinth? Will Jareth gain control of the Labyrint...

  • Labyrinth 2: The Wrath Of The Fire King
    1.2K 72 18

    This is a made up sequel to the legendary 1986 movie Labyrinth. This also has the daughter of the Goblin King, that is my original character. Roselea is finally turning 1600, (the equivalent of 16 in human years) and she will be able to get her true powers. When disaster strikes when Jareth is gone from his kingdom, R...

  • Labyrinth 2- Return of The Queen
    119K 4.3K 33

    This is the next part in Jareth and Sarah's tale. I hope you like it and I would suggest watching the 1986 (i think:s) film Labyrinth before reading this as it will make a bit more sense:)

  • Labyrinth: An Untold Story
    6.6K 217 12

    What if Jareth the Goblin King had a Daughter? In this Fanfiction, the softer sides of the Goblin King show through, all because of the daughter he made with his own magic. This is based on the Jim Henson movie "Labyrinth" the greatest 1980's movie ever created. If you never watched it you might not completely under...

  • Persephone: The Sequel to The Labyrinth
    22K 752 25

    She may have freed her brother, but Sarah isn't free. The peach allows Jareth to claim her and force back to the Underground. Now Jareth must make her marry him or..