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  • Not all is what it seems
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    What do you do when the fate of the human race is literally in the palm of your hands? What will Lyla do? Someone with zero experience and little to no clue of how powerful she truly is. Will she revisit people from her past? And how will she react? To find out join us on this journey!

  • Circular
    4.1K 173 49

    Based on a True Story Layla Samia Nadar is an exceptional girl. She was born in India and came to the United States when she was young. Fast forward, she's at the top of her class with exceptional grades, a great athlete, and takes part in all of her Honor societies. But there's one boy who's always been in her life...

    Completed   Mature
  • Island Vibes
    64.9K 2.5K 35

    Callie's parents have offered her the opportunity of a lifetime: paid work in paradise. Of course, the job does come with certain strings attached - strings like Noah Flores.

  • ANYA
    39.6K 3.5K 50

    Anya has lived in the deep Elkewood Forest for many years. Her perspective on life and werewolves outside of the forest has been shaped by the words of the one who she and the other young women who she resides with, call Savior. A series of events happens after he decides to bring a little girl from the city into th...

  • Beautiful Trauma
    44 11 3

    trau·ma /ˈtroumə,ˈtrômə/ noun 1.a deeply distressing or disturbing experience By now, everyone knows that Riverdale is not the perfect American town it appears to be. The secrets covered by masks have crumbled away, revealing the dust and grime bubbling ice. It all started with the death of Jason Blossom- but you know...

  • How to Be a Girl
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    After learning the hard way that being "one of the guys" has its disadvantages (such as having your crush laugh at you in the face after you confess), Jordan enlists the help of her two best friends to teach how to be what she isn't--how to be a girl. [WATTYS 2018 Winner: The Contemporaries]

  • When You See Me
    3.8K 314 7

    When you see me, do you really see me or do you see my skin tone first?

  • Parenthood 2; Double the Stark (Tony Stark's daughter)
    121K 4.1K 7

    ***|Sequel to Parenthood|*** Maggie Stark is fourteen-years-old now, and she's not a kid anymore. However, her way overprotective father, Tony, isn't willing to accept that his little girl isn't well...a little girl anymore. So when the Avengers need help taking out possible leads to the worst of the worst Hydra agen...

  • viridity |•| t.s daughter (1)
    223K 9.2K 38

    daddy looked at me and I knew he didn't want me. viridity - naive innocence book one ~<3~ a tony stark daughter fanfic warning: mentions of sexual assault, abuse and suicidal tendencies

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  • Broken in Half - Avengers
    46.7K 1.8K 18

    Elytra had barely gotten used to her quiet life back at the Tower, living with the Avengers, when the tables turn. The Avengers have turned on each other, and Elytra is stuck in the middle, fighting for her freedom, friends, and the only family she's got left. __________________________________________________________...

  • The Blades of Betrayal
    11.8K 6.2K 69

    A disputed wedding, a fear of treason, an enchanted world, and a fifteen-year-old orphan who is only trying to find his meaning in life. William Thellwel's quiet and altogether peaceful life in the forest is disturbed when Prince Andrew of Heladar travels north, through the endless wood, for his wedding to Princess A...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cages
    13.6K 713 17

    Since the day Lola and her family moved in next door, Kacey put her on the top of his hate list. Lola was always happy. Kacey was always mad. To him they seemed to be living on two different planets, viewing life two different ways. But as fate brought them together, their worlds came clashing along with them and to K...

  • The Girl on the Boys Team
    329 19 8

    Callie West has loved basketball since before she can remember. She started playing when she was five. There was no girls team, so she joined the boys team, and has always played with boys, and saw nothing wrong with it. But here in California, girls highschool basketball doesn't exist, so Callie simply joins the boys...