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  • The President's Daughter
    418 79 9

    What would you answer if you are asked to ditch that dirty-tattered blanket, the small dingy cell in addition to a glossy low-slung roof, and instead accept a synthetic idyllic duvet coupled with a sombre and venerable mansion to live in? **** Meet Ruby, a back up singer in a band, who is put forward when they are co...

  • The Glossy Awards
    1.7K 186 10

    [✨] Open for Contestants and Judges [✨] Judging [] Closed Hi! If you'd like your books to receive more recognitions and feedbacks, here is an award that you can participate in! Everyone is welcomed.

  • The Hype Awards 2020
    180 20 3

    A contest for the benefit of my own procrastination, and the sake of your books getting the recognition it deserves! Accepting all genres and books in English only until end of June 2020. This is not affiliated with Wattpad or Charli D' Amelio herself!!

  • ALPHA BETA GAMMA AWARDS 2019 - 2020 ( Judging )
    6.1K 847 36

    [ × ] OPEN [ ✓ ] CLOSED [ ✓ ] JUGDING Where we judge physics chemistry and biology of your stories Help u to make u famous in this long race named WATTPAD To achieve the reads u deserve Votes u need To turn your account page up side down Open this books and be rewarded Hope u reach where u deserve Most of the gen...

  • Golden Globe Awards 2019
    1K 136 8

    Just read it ❤️

  • Gone with the Tide
    1.5K 368 20

    *Runner up in the Write The World novel writing competition* When William finds a missing girl on the rocky shores of Cairn, he isn't sure which questions he should be asking. Her name is Isolde Porter, and she and her friends have been missing for a month. Nearly everyone on the island believes she killed them, but...

  • LY Awards 2020
    11.4K 784 39

    》Open (❌) 》 Judging ( ✔) (In need of Judges) Love yourself Awards 2020 This is the first awards that we are conducting, This account is specially created for awards and please give us all your support! And yes, the title of the Awards is based on BTS's Album, we want to express our love to BTS and all the people who...

  • Mr. Villain | kth |
    14.7K 1.7K 16

    " I may look cool and calm at time but in my mind I've killed you 20 times in 5 minutes in 10 different ways. " He cracked his neck in a devillike manner. In the classroom V is Mr. Professional but what he wants more than anything is to teach Dasom beside math. Do I still have humanity? Do I have a soul? I was a h...

  • Silence ✓{Editing}
    10.4K 3.5K 23

    {Book 1 of The Quiet Series} "He hunts, only if the silence is disturbed." Zeal, a very determined young woman and a mother of one, had to go through challenging moments that somehow connected to the events of her quondam life. When a stalker from her past begins to hunt her five-year-old daughter, Lisie, Zeal decides...

  • One Woman Man | jjk |
    1K 196 7

    " You can ask me for anything- luxurious cars, Mediterranean style home, job equipped with free meals, casual dress Friday's or concert tickets but love. " He stated as he placed his feet on the table. ~~~~~~~~~ Daeun was blessed with fun-loving in laws, princely youthful brother in law and an unbearably henpecked hus...