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  • The Golden Awards 2019
    9.4K 825 9

    (✓)Open ()Judging ()Closed Welcome to the Golden Awards! This competition is for all wattpad writers under 50k reads to enter. It's a chance to win some awesome rewards and to improve your book!!!

  • The Discovery Awards 1
    4.6K 473 38

    Open [ ] Judging [ ] Closed [💡] Where the undiscovered get discovered! This Wattpad contest, run by DontYouWantToKnow was organised to help recognise amazing talents in this Wattpad multiverse. Enter for a chance to shine bright!

  • Dragon Awards 2019
    4.3K 367 15

    Slots only left for Sci-fi participants and Judges (for any genre) [] Open [🐉] Judging [] Closed ◇The Dragon Awards is geared to small authors and poets who want to get more readers. However, we will accept anyone who wants to participate. Bare your teeth dragonets. Today you're gonna have the opportunity to fly◇

  • THE WATER AWARDS (Closed, Look At Description)
    5.2K 469 28

    This award is closed! Join the Christmas/Spirit contest! Opens in November :) Follow me to stay updated! 💧CLOSED Hosted by @elinenoor

  • The glass awards 2019 (OPEN)
    3.4K 220 13

    Status: (OPEN) Welcome to the glass awards. You have a chance to get your book known in wattpad.

  • Work Of Heart Award (Open)
    7.5K 650 16

    Currently open Please check it out further to enter your book or to be a judge in this contest