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  • giving in (soulxmaka)
    6.1K 172 11

    Soul relies on Maka just as much as she does on him, and after some struggles, they learn about there feelings for one another

  • SoulxMaka one-shots
    25.5K 907 15

    Some fun one-shots I made up. I DO NOT OWN SOUL EATER

  • soulxmaka My best friend
    1.4K 41 1

    Maka and souls friendship is a complicated one, but what happens when they become...more

  • SoulxMaka
    17.5K 442 6


  • How Could I Forget You?
    2.8K 126 8

    Soul, Maka, Liz, Patty, Kid, Black Star and Tsubaki are fighting a witch when Soul losess his memory. He seems to have forgotten who Maka is...... Will he ever remember her?

  • a soulxmaka story: do you really love and forever
    2.3K 61 3

    soul is making a song for maka for her b-day cause he cares will this turn nasty or a sweet romantic turn can u guess correct ;)

    61.3K 2.3K 39

    Soul and Maka had never met until they came crashing into each others' lives (literally). The more they discovered about each other, the more secrets they unearthed from their pasts. Each felt like they had known the other their whole lives, but was there a more literal explanation? After a chance meeting with one of...