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  • (Don't Fear) The Scarecrow
    21.7K 640 52

    "Then the door was open and the wind appeared. The candles blew then disappeared. The curtains flew then he appeared, saying, "Don't be afraid...." • • • A collection of xReader One Shots and Preferences revolving around Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow. Requests: [OPEN]

  • Unwanted Allies- Dr. Jonathan Crane Story
    128K 4.3K 64

    When Lilah Doute receives a visit from her stepfather Carmine Falcone, she quite distressed upon learning about her new houseguest and even more so when she works out what he's really like. Dr. Jonathan Crane/OC Warning: This is set before Batman Begins and may along the way include other villains. May include tort...

  • Overdose Delusion
    70.3K 2.3K 57

    Sequel to Never Fear. With the aftermath of Arkham Asylum, Jonathan and Willow set out to start anew. Only the new life they set out to live, doesn't differ that much from their past one. Problems popping up are to be expected. Drug dealing obsessed crime lords, a new secure prison, and family predicaments are just a...

  • Don't Be Afraid | Jonathan Crane
    11.1K 431 7

    Jonathan Crane is head of Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. He is often dubbed as cold and unapproachable, and he is not a fan of social interactions or being close to other humans in general. That's not to say he didn't try, he's had a few flings here and there with random women. One of the most memorable was...

    5.5K 220 7

    Okay so hey guys, I'm alive. And I really do not think I have the real desire to write a sequel to my original work so.... here is what I'm planning to do instead. My original work was finished in 2013 and I started it even earlier. I was sixteen when I finished it up and while I might have been an alright writer, I'...

  • Psychiatrists
    12.4K 390 14

    *This is set during the plot of Christopher Nolan's film "Batman Begins." After finally leaving the nightmares from her childhood behind, Sasha Quinzel has finally got her life back on track. She's become an accomplished psychiatrist, reconnected with her sister, and is comfortably sitting on a financial situation...

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    8.4K 449 17

    Many people ask you what you're afraid of. You'd probably answer something along the lines of 'Spiders, public speaking, heights, snakes' or something else entirely. What about the dark? Does it frighten you? The things inside it? Shifting around silently right under your very nose? Well, my dear reader, this book wil...

  • My Scarecrow
    15.2K 448 12

    Dr. Gwen Grey falls in love with her patient at Arkham Asylum. And he falls just as hard for her. But can Jonathan Crame admit it to himself and Scarecrow that they love her? That they found someone who can melt thier cold heart? -A.H.

  • A Demon's Drink {Book Three-Kat}
    51.5K 1.8K 51

    Katrina has gone through just about everything. She's lost family, she's lost friends, and she almost lost her life; more than once. You'd think that after all of this, she'd learn. Even after the wedding, something that should bring a lot of joy and peace, she can't help but dig herself into a deeper hole. The Riddl...

  • Fear Awakened [Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow]
    45.5K 2K 13

    Before he was Scarecrow, he was merely seventeen year old Jonathan Crane. Meet the broken boy before the mask and the girl who could not change his fate.

  • No Rest For The Wicked | Jonathan Crane, Harleen Quinzel
    133 6 1

    As most know, Jonathan Crane isn't the most hospitable person in the world, and he's not very social either. Though, he's become 'friends' with a number of other villains over the years, some more than others. When one such person finds herself on his doorstep after running away from an abusive clown, Jonathan can't h...

  • Fractures → Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow
    17.3K 658 13

    Jonathan Crane has a crush on Desi Evans. Desi Evans is one of the popular girls in his high school and one of Sherry's best friends. A girl that wouldn't be expected to even give Jonathan a second glance. But what happens when she does start growing feelings for Ichabod Crane?

  • Everlasting Fear
    5.8K 161 28

    Gotham didn't morn the death of Ashleigh Clark, but someone much more powerful than Gotham did. brought back to life, by unknown powers, will she remember the man who loved her? will she remember the masked crusaded who tried to save her? and will she remember who she was? as her memories resurface will she accept the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Secrets of Scary People | Jonathan Crane
    2.1K 71 6

    Jessica Vince is a medical doctor at Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. With this new Batman character bringing in more and more criminals that somehow end up in Arkham, Jessica is finding herself with more and more work. But, Jessica has a bit of a problem that's a little more personal, and that's her unfortuna...

  • Live For The Fear
    45.3K 1.5K 36

    Black Crow, a young criminal living in Gotham City. She's a thief and is quite interested in fear. That's why she likes Scarecrow's work. After trying to get away with "borrowing" toxins, the bat family sends her to Arkham Asylum. She makes friends with the most dangerous criminals of Gotham. Joker, Harley Quinn...

  • scarecrow's girl
    4.6K 152 5

    Marry is a average teenager girl. Well not really she loves scaring people and she is kinda the scarecrows #1 fan but what happens when she meets him?

  • Poisoned
    150 6 2

    The Viper is known and feared by all. She is a born and bred weapon and uses her skills to assassinate people for money, or when they piss her off. Her initial trade mark is the two bite marks she leaves in the victims neck, made with her irregular pointed teeth. She is the one people do not want to encounter. But whe...

  • Faded Fear || Jonathan Crane (ON HOLD)
    9.2K 366 10

    Lillian Greene has been working at Arkham Asylum for three years. And, she's witnessed a lot of things. Whether it was killings or lockdowns, she wanted to stay. She liked treating the insane. But, when Jonathan Crane gets locked up again, she tries to treat him. A breakout happens and Jonathan tells her he'll help es...

  • PHOBIA (Jonathan Crane scarecrow)
    43.6K 1.4K 28

    "Well The joker calls me Ace.." I said leaning against the Arkham asylum metal table. "Ace?" he questioned the name. "No beautiful, I'm going to call you Paranoia." He smirked. Paranoia is loved by the abusive joker and now catching Jonathan Cranes eye. When your in and out of Arkham and love the bad boys your life ca...

  • Fear Revisited [Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow]
    76.1K 3.1K 25

    He walked away to protect her from what he thought he might become, but when these former lovers cross paths again, will he be so noble twice?

  • What's Love Without A Little Fear [MFL: Jonathan Crane, Book One]
    2.8K 103 5

    Miscreant Family Life: Jonathan Crane, Book One Jonathan Crane, a professor at Gotham University, has a new assistant starting to work with him; a young woman by the name of Olivia Sky. A young woman who, unlike the others, doesn't view him as a freak, but as a genius. Will this young woman make something stir in the...

  • Philophobia (Jonathan Crane, O/C)
    11.4K 381 30

    Philophobia: the abnormal, persistent and unwarranted fear of falling in love or emotional attachment. The risk is usually when a person has confronted any emotional turmoil relating to love in the past. Jonathan Crane walked out of Cassandra Jackson's life just as their love was beginning. She was left to pick up...

  • Professor Fear (Jonathan Crane x OC)
    70.9K 2.2K 20

    Jonathan Crane decides to use his best student as a tester of his toxins. She proves herself smarter than he wants and unable to contain words in her mouth. Though as he gets to know her further he feels a strange connection. Daria is conflicted with her teacher's emotions but decides to play along. The two play a ga...

  • There's Nothing To Fear | Jonathan Crane
    1.1K 43 6

    You'd think poor young Karen would have learned to stay away from the brute known as Gerald Crane, but, even after she abandoned the first child the two had spawned, she went crawling back to him and ended up with another. You'd think the old bag Mary Keeny wouldn't take in another mistake of her wayward granddaughter...

  • They Scream and They Cry >> (Scarecrow/OC fanfiction)
    1.5K 44 7

    "Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality." ~Edgar Allen Poe Rory "Riot" Quinzel is the fraternal twin sister of Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a Harley Quinn. Though they are twins, they could not be anymore different. There was Harley, the bubbly...

  • Broken | Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow
    3.1K 154 8

    Natalie and Jonathan are from the same side but different parts of it. Their relationship was strictly business at first, but then obstacle occur.

  • Riddle me this, Riddle me Kat! *Watty Awards 2012 Completed*
    188K 5.4K 36

    Katrina was born and raised in Louisiana until the age of five when her parents were brutally murdered and attempted her death as well. She was taken in by her apparent godfather, Bruce Wayne. Katrina is sixteen and not your average teen. She and her friends have a fascination with the villains of Gotham and she hers...

    Completed   Mature
  • No sleep for the wicked
    28.8K 905 40

    Nobody chose to live in Gotham city, they were all born here, the crazy, the corrupt and the sane. Ashleigh Clark was born into this life, more than others. Her life belongs to Arkham Asylum, everyday she ventures into the world of the insane, because it was her job. But now her whole life was twisted inside out and l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Panophobia (Scarecrowxreader)
    11.5K 342 11

    Panophobia: the fear of everything. Jonathan Crane has always had an interest in fears. He is constantly looking for test subjects until the perfect one falls into his lap. The young (F/n) (L/n) was sent to Arkham Asylum by her concerned parents. She is them assigned to Dr. Crane who, unfortunately for him, is immedia...

  • Fangirls | Jonathan Crane, Edward Nigma
    1.8K 86 5

    Being fans of two Gotham super villains is destined to make you an outcast; as two young university students have found out the hard way. Though they were never popular in the first place, so they can hardly say it bothers them. Taylor Dundes, an English and Computer Science major with a passion for writing and solvin...