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  • The Alpha's Daughter: The Beta's Mate
    8.4K 555 16

    Black series: Book 2 Issac Snyder's past is unknown to many who knows him. His cold facade scares everyone away. The king made him his beta and everyone was shocked that the king would get a rogue as a beta. A very dangerous rogue at that. There are few who does not fear Issac. Catherine Jane Black, the youngest daugh...

  • Alpha Xavier ✔️
    164K 4.7K 43

    (Book 1) Highest Tag Rankings: Self identity #1, July 11 2018. Werewolf Romance #7, September 26 2018 Female alpha #8, September 27 2018 Shewolf #26, July 18 2018. Rogues #50, July 09 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Isla Faye is an alpha she wolf. Becoming a rogue with the...

  • The Alpha's Mate
    120K 3.6K 11

    Allison White was a normal teenager. Well, as normal as a werewolf could get. Known for her reckless behavior and fiery temper. she was better off avoided- and she liked it that way. When her pack's Alpha, Alpha Jacob, returns from a trip around the world to find his mate, Allison doesn't expect to find out that she...

  • The alpha's mate (M.y.g ff)
    51.3K 968 14

    Y/n was not a normal teenage girl...she was a wolf...she has other friends that were wolves and they were I guess you would call them a day she was in class and then the teacher came i and said that there will be a new student joining us today...min yoongi walked into the class and right when he stopped to...

  • Avoid| J.JK [JungkookxReader](BTS WOLF AU)
    18.4K 553 5

    All your life, you have always dreaded a day that you knew was going to come. A day that every other wolf longs for but you, no, you wish it would never come. A day you wish you could simply just... avoid. That day is the day you find your mate. What happens when that day arrives? Will you open up to him about your...

  • Human Mate ?![Jimin FF] //BTS FF {Slow Updates}
    26.1K 639 9

    Y/n, a teenage girl, attending Bighit high, loves to study werewolfs. Y/n's older brother, Jin, is a werewolf who is the Alpha of the Kim pack. What happenes when Y/n is to be the up coming luna? How will she react? Will she accept the idea of being able to take on the task of being a luna? What happens when a secret...

  • Her Alpha
    58.9K 1.5K 32

    Why don't you find out?

  • Maze \\MYG\\
    14K 345 6

    ❝ when the sun goes down, the beast comes out... ❞ ⥈ min yoongi ⥈ werewolf!au ⥈ swearing ⥈ hardcore smut

  • Mate?
    34.8K 958 8

    (A Park Jimin ff ) This whole time my wolf was jumping in excitement and he kept on mumbling the same word like a broken radio. Mate.Mate.Mate.Mate. My eyes widened when I realized what my wolf was saying. 'Mate?' Cover credits @jiminiayo 🐼❤

  • Wolf's Temptation | j.jk ✔
    1.2M 36.9K 35

    "Tell me you feel it too..." His lips began to trail my neck as I whimpered softly. He chuckled for a moment as he knew what he was doing to my body. "Why do you keep fighting us?" Started : 14.05.2018 Finished : 23.12.2018 [ COMPLETED ] Highest ranking - #3 in jk #1 in ff

  • My destined mate (Jimin werewolf story)
    58.1K 1.7K 18

    Once every thousand years the moon goddess blesses a female and a male wolf with powers greater than the other wolves. Unfortunately the two of them must go trough a lot of suffering and pain for their inner wolf to awaken. Nobody knows what will happen if the the two wolves cross paths. Will they fall in love or star...

  • Powerful Alpha/ Min Yoongi FF
    34.8K 977 19

    "The scent, it's so clear I could see it. A scent of mint. A line of pure blue that sparkles. Following through the woods." Min Yoongi and Reader FanFiction A Powerful Alpha named Min Yoongi goes years without a mate. One day, out on his way back from a Alpha meeting, he smells it. The smell he's been waiting for. Sor...

  • Wolves | kth
    34.7K 1.5K 14

    Song Mia was an introverted daughter of the beta. Living in a pack with a population of only a hundred Mia grew fond of her pack and they lived peacefully. Mia was lucky enough to find her mate at an early age but things doesn't go as planned in books she reads as her mate rejects her and she was left to torment on he...

  • mates love story -jungkook fanfic
    87.1K 1.7K 30

    Y/n is 17 years old the sister of Taehyung used She has no friends but Jimin and her brother.Then everything starts to change on her 18 birthday when she meet him and her world was turned around Will have some Strong words and mature content in this story It's a collaboration with @kimmick96342 💜💜💜

  • The Luna and the alpha Jungkook ff (discontinued)
    19.4K 421 12

    She wasn't an ordinary human or human at all... She was a werewolf. She was also the Luna. When her and her twin sister turned of age to finally meet her mate she just didn't want to accept it since that means she would have to leave her pack What will happen

  • The Rogue Mate (#justwriteit)
    55.1K 1.5K 23

    Running. I need to run. I can't stop running not until I'm safe. I increase my speed as I continue to run deeper and deeper into the forest. We're almost there we can make it.... come on just a bit further y/n and you're free. Reader×Jungkook