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  • Rusame thanos disaster [lemon]
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    cries so sad

  • "Dear Tim And Moby, What Is Love?"
    3.4K 37 4

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tim and Moby are always making videos based on questions by their fans, one day they get a question along the lines of "Why do we have/get crushes" and then they embark on questions about their sexualities after finding out how they feel about each other. Then the question of "What is homosexualit...

  • Bertnie lemon (Ernie x Bert smut)
    16.1K 146 8

    They don't have any fanfic yet so here's a smut **Don't take this seriously

  • miitopia great sage's noms
    16 3 1

    Warning: this is a vore story

  • What if FNaF Had Facebook?
    50.9K 2.6K 43

    (Inspired by the story "What if FairyTail had Facebook?") Kevin Rodney, on a typical night watching over Fazbear's Fright, left his laptop and his phone in the office by mistake the week after the scary attraction has opened. What exactly happened? The FNaF animatronics now have access to the #1 website people used at...

  • Fnaf Vore Rp
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  • 4Chan's Worst
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    4Chan's Worst Posts and Cases From murders to downright pranks gone wrong ~under construction~ Ill be adding at least 2 per day You guys may share it if you'd like, if really appreciate it, thanks! ❤