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  • EcLIpSE
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    Deceit! Some people can go to any length to make sure they get what they want. Deception! Even if it means destroying ours to get theirs. Eclipse! They obstruct us from our source of illumination. We're left in the dark. As shadows. Betrayal! But why blame them? When we give them the chance to do it. We give them the...

  • Deep Void (ON HOLD)
    236 78 7

    I thought you would never come back, you left me in this deep Void and I can't contain this emotion, why did you leave me 😢. it will never be the same...

  • The killer in the dark city.
    687 132 20

    Sophie and her family had moved from place to place and she makes a lot of friends but when someone starts killing people close to her What does she do? how do they catch the killer who only leaves a little bit of clues.

  • How To Be A Bawse.
    13.8K 275 2

    This book is based on the most famous YouTuber Lilly Singh AKA IISuperwomanII. "A guide to Conquering life" ~ Lilly Singh

  • We Meet Again✔️
    45.2K 7.8K 27

    SEQUEL OF MY NAIJA HIGH SCHOOL STORY High school sweethearts separated by time and distance Some years down the lane, they are trapped by both an obsessed boyfriend and a possessive girlfriend. Dangers, trials but love overcomes it all. **** Nigerian book✔ Jollof rice✔ Fun✔ Drama ✔ Love✔ Music✔ What are you waiting f...

  • Dear Black Girls
    95.5K 4.6K 55

    This guide goes out to my beautiful black females ??????✨

  • NO
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    Fight against bullying

    11.8K 1.9K 29

    So I noticed there are no books for Nigerian girls on tips so I decided to write one. 👏👏👏 So in this book consists of tips on periods talking to parents talking to boys and dealing with Nigerian parents 😏 and so much more 😉😉😉 plus guys the cover is by @Eunice_fola_ You guys should totally give them a follow❤❤❤

  • Girl Tips,Advice and DIY's for Back To school.
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    Diy's Advices and Tips!

  • Girl TIPS
    3.1K 84 21

    TIPS that every beautiful girl, like yourself, should know! <3

  • Girl Tips
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    This is a guide for girls 11 and up

  • Girl Tips 2
    87.8K 2.9K 171

    Haircare tips is available This is book 2 check out the first book if you have time

  • Girl Tips (GIRLS ONLY)
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    Okay so I don't typically do these things but in this book there will be things about periods, tampons and virginity and more things for girls so guys you shouldn't read this but if your a girl please read on🙂

  • Girl Tips(Completed)
    312K 8.7K 159

    GIRL TIPS 2 and Haircare tips is available right now please check it out you won't regret it 💜 Hey thanks for stopping by! So this book will have loads of tips and give random advice or valuable info. Its just girl talk No BOYS ALLOWED!! Most of it is not my own but ©redits to the owners And if you vote it will real...

  • Girl Tips
    184K 5.6K 44

    'Being a girl is hard, that's why we have to stick together' These are tips for you girls out there. We have to stick together as girls and what better way than for me to share my knowledge on guys, fashion, individuality, peer pressure, bullying, and heaps more topics. This book is for you girls, no boys allowed. (I'...

  • tips for teens.
    424K 10.5K 43

    want to get clear skin ? want to know if he likes you ? all tips and tutorial that all teenagers need is here ! beauty, diy, life hacks and recipes to help you is all here in a book!

  • 100 signs to know if your crush likes you
    69.9K 1.3K 100

    If you need to know if you crush likes you continue reading