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  • Dangerous Love - PUBLISHED - SAMPLE ONLY
    324K 2.5K 7

    SAMPLE ONLY This book has been published. If you are looking to read the whole story, and wish to support an aspiring author, you can find this book on Amazon and Kindle. Thank you Raven Rayne Liam Raffaello had plans on taking the Mafia world by storm. He had everything in place ready for his take over. There was...

  • Mafia Boss & Me
    5.5M 129K 43

    Amanda decided to help her brother's bestfriend to stop his wedding and in order to do that she must act like a pregnant women. Though she manages to help him, she herself gets into a problem, a problem of falling in love with a Mafia leader named Xavier. Xavier Lucian believes that anything he sets his eyes on is hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Monster's Addiction (Sample)
    2.3M 8.8K 7

    #1 - mafiaromance - 14/01/2019 ❣️❣️ A Passionate Mafia Romance/Action Story ❣️❣️ Find out how the ruthless Monster pulls the Angel out of a hellhole of drug addiction. She was the victim. But he wasn't the hero. And yet, he saved her and devoured her. Consumed her, body and soul. ****************************** Mafia M...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wrong One (Devils #2)
    1.8M 67.9K 38

    Grace Ross had everything she needed in life, a steady job, kids, and happiness, until it was snatched away from her so fast it took everything in her to catch herself before she falls, she desperate now, shes looking, but failed in what she looking for, there's only one way to get her precious treasure back, even if...

  • The Mafia's Possession (Ongoing, Being Edited)
    5.7M 165K 35

    Copyright © 2013 by Lilibeth_A All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book There's only two things Clarissa Fontanilla Alvaro wanted her whole lif...

  • Madly in love
    33K 480 31

    Kate Harris, her parents were killed when she was little. As she thinks that her life couldn't get any worse, the mafia came straight in her life changing everything. Her wildlife is the only thing that keeps bumping into problems along her her sex addictions.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Princess and the Devil✔️
    3.4M 72.5K 98

    {book one of the gang love series} * "How do I look?" he asked smirking at me. I shrugged. "Eh, I've seen better." "Really?" he asked sensually. He stepped forward towards me. I stepped back. "Yeah." He took three more slow steps forward. "Have you now?" I took another step back, causing my back to hit a wall. "Yeah"...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Mess with the Queen✔️
    553K 12.9K 67

    {book two of the Gang love series} * I got pulled into an empty classroom and a pair of hands covered my eyes. "Guess who?" he whispered into my ear before nibbling on it. I giggled. "Hi, Drew." He turned me around by my waist and placed his lips on mine. "Hi, Queenie." I walked to the side and hopped onto a desk. "No...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Mafia Boss
    19.4K 965 46

    SEQUEL OF COLDHEARTED MAFIA BOSS Clare left Daemon because of his awful behavior, after they had lost their babies. She just realized that she couldn't let other people be disrespectful towards her, anymore. But staying away from Daemon was harder than she thought it would be. Daemon is trying anything to get her bac...

  • The Mafia Saved Me
    6.1M 136K 56

    One trip of a lifetime to the city of love was all it took for Victoria's life to change. But was it for better or for worse? Getting kidnapped and placed in sex trafficking was not what she had expected on her trip to Paris. However, when all hope was drowned away by the drugs her captors had given her, there Leo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saved by the Devil [EDITING]
    579K 14.4K 33

    Davina Alexander is an 20-year-old girl who has always lived in an unfortunate situation, and I'm not talking about money. She has been living with a man for over a decade; you could say she was an object of trade. But one day she is following this man's orders and is a hostage at a bank robbery which ends up being a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling For The Italian Mobster
    888K 31.3K 27

    ~Trouble always finds Trouble Vinny Mancinelli was Italy's most feared man, he had it all at his finger tips, power, money, drugs, the escorts that came with it he had it all except the girl he loved since they were kids. Francesca Salvatore daughter of mob boss Joe Salvatore always stayed clear of the mafia life sinc...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Italian Mobster - Book 2
    193K 7.6K 13

    Please read book 1 before reading this otherwise it won't make sense to you. Tragedy struck the life of Francesca Mancinelli when the one person who was supposed to protect her ended up being the one to hurt her Will she ever be able to trust him?, with her father at her every move being around her will be a fight for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gravano's Ghost: Book 2
    52.5K 2.1K 15

    A guy a girl and his guns. This is the sequel to The Gravano's so please read book one thanks. There never is a happy ending, they just want us to think that. Alex faces his worst fears and the demons that come with them. Annaliese is learning to forgive but she won't ever forget.

  • The Contract
    2.1M 53.1K 59

    Luca Ricci was born evil. He has evil tainted blood running through his veins passed down from generations. He is vicious and blood thirsty and he is taking over the north side mafia form his father but in order to do so he has to get married. He will have to marry 18 year old Bella Russo some one who is sweet and in...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Love of a Mafia Boss
    1.7M 47.3K 30

    Variella was a curvy shy kind of a girl. She worked with her best friend, Morielle, at a strip joint as she was a waitress while Morielle was a stripper. One night, Variella is asked to go with her one month old boyfriend to a party his friend invited him and her to and though she isn't all for parties, he convinces h...

    Completed   Mature
  • ENZO
    361K 9.2K 37

    [previously My Baby Daddy... The Don.] Enzo D'Angelo wasn't a good man but he wasn't evil. He was the head of the D'Angelo crime family and a cold professional shell of a man. No time for love and no time for weakness. But he needed a wife and a heir. Putting into motion the event where he hoped to find his potential...

    1.7M 49.9K 65

    #37 in romance, 02/09/2017 #49 in Romance, 01/20/2017 CURRENTLY BEING REVISED AND REWRITTEN. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT OF VOL. 1 In this series "-I don't care about fair!" He shouted at me. I stared at him in shock as I took a step backwards. I don't trust him. "Fair doesn't exist in my world Elena!" "The w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Salvatorre Vol. II (UNDER REVISION)
    358K 11.6K 58

    DISCLAIMER: This is a ROUGH DRAFT of vol. 2 in the series No!" I pushed him, "You call me immature yet you and my father cant even do anything with one another that isn't business related without wanted to shoot one another-" "DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE?!" He screamed. "I don't give any fucks Elena! I don't give a fuck a...

  • His Dominion
    1.9M 67.6K 29

    (Book 2 of His Possession) (complete) The last book broke some hearts; yet we all fought through it all. Jordan Johnson; been raped, beaten, abused, and heart broken. But yet she still seems to go to the same guy she first saw at the beginning of this story. Jaxon Hunt. Jaxon can't seems to not have her by his si...

  • Running Into The Gangster
    2.7M 75.3K 70

    Some call me bad luck. Some call me unlucky. Some call me their worst nightmare. Most fear me. Most scream when they see me. And I smile. I smile because that's what I love the best. Their fear. I love it, when it goes through their eyes when I point the gun and shoot them dead. I love how pale they turn when they h...

  • My Mafia King
    764K 14K 38

    "I want her all to myself and if I can't have her no one can " he said harshly into the phone "SHE IS MINEE"

  • I'm Only His... (Book 2) (HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!)
    4.2M 132K 44

    I stand there with my back away from him. I couldn't look at him not after he hurt me. How was I supposed to believe anything that came out of his mouth? "Helena. I'- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." taking a step closer. The heat of his muscular body penetrated my cold skin. "Leave, just - leave me alone. I can't take i...

  • Honest (18+) PREVIEW (Vitale Famiglia #3)
    1.4M 58.4K 114

    Desiree meets Giuseppe while he serves jail time in prison under a false name. He hunts her down, their obsessive tendencies colliding in a kaleidoscope of murder, death and lust. Chaos ensues. His creed? He will always be honest.

  • Love Scars(Under Major Editing)
    522K 13.4K 85

    Kate a stubborn young woman endured struggles from the age of six. From being abused and to being almost rape she was once no longer adequate for her parents, so they auctioned her to a cold-hearted mafia boss. The well-known billionaire Lucio king lived a double life, ordering people around and killing the ones who d...

    Completed   Mature
  • DON AMORE (Mafia Romance) 18+
    6.2M 161K 78

    Trailer for this book is AVAILABLE NOW! If you're interested in hot, sexy, sensual, fiery and action-filled content, this book is the right place to find it. (MATURE CONTENT/MAFIA ROMANCE) #Series1 Rewriting/Editing (DONE) In which the Italian mob boss and his long-lost lover reunite once again with hatred, trouble, d...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mafia Wife
    7.6M 26.7K 4

    Naina's life was absolutely perfect. There was not single thing she would change about it. When an unlikely marriage proposal comes for her, the world she once knew is suddenly about to change. Like many, Naina wished to marry out of love, but even she knew that was blasphemous considering how overprotective her bro...

  • ON HOLD - Silent Whispers - Family Secrets
    52.2K 1.8K 4 _______________✏ This is the story of Claudia, Francesco and Giovanna from Silence in New York and Whispers in New York. Although it is not necessary to read the others in order to understand, it is highly recommended. This book starts from around the end of Silence in New York and...

  • Screams in New York - Book Three
    445K 19.3K 25

    "What the heck!?" Adriana let out stunned now suddenly aware of her very exposed position. Her black two piece bikini underneath the sheer gold bathing suit cover up wasn't exactly much of a cover up and Salvatore was not going to be impressed with her. "What are you doing?" She continued stepping back into the rail...