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  • Glee Klaine Oneshots
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    A bunch of Klaine Oneshots! Prompts are welcome and encouraged!

  • Because of You
    9.5K 337 7

    Kurt finds a journal wedged between the books of the Dalton library, and even though he knows he shouldn't, he starts reading it. Before too long he's fallen in love with the journal's owner. Things get complicated when he finds out who the owner of the journal really is. (Originally posted 5-4-2014. I do not own Glee...

  • 【interested】 ⇝klaine⇜
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    Kurt is broken. Blaine wants Kurt. Can Blaine handle all the broken pieces of Kurt and glue them back together? 『【haitus】』 Start: 29 September 2018 End: ↛warning↚ - Foul Language - Smut (at the end) - Self Hate/Abuse - Domestic Abuse - Bullying - Gay Story Line If you are a homophobe, gtfo. Other than that, ENJOY∼

  • one-shots [klaine]
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    a completed collection of one-shots about kurt hummel and blaine anderson, from fluffy to angsty to purely humourous. i neither ship this couple nor actively follow this show anymore, so do not let the lack of updates upset you.