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  • What Is Their Relationship Status? •Taekook•
    246K 11.8K 47

    Jungkook and Taehyung hurl all abuses at each other but say anything about any of them and they will not hesitate to kill you. Meet Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, Jimin and Hoseok who are their unfortunate neighbors and have to go through their constant bickering. Story may contain ❗❗ NSFW and mature content❗❗

  • My Mafia Idol-Kookv
    62.6K 1.7K 13

    Kim taehyung is an ordinary highschool boy,he is an beautiful and adorable kid everyone likes him because of his kindness,sweetness, politeness and specially his innocence..... On other hand Jeon Jungkook was also popular but not in a good way he is popular in underground he is known as a ruthless mafia leader with a...

  • Paper hearts
    182K 8.4K 21

    "Mr. Jeon..Daddy is asking if you will you be kind enough not to hump our fence evyday and steal our hores! " "Haneul it's Jump not hump and Hose not hores! " Taehyung and Jungkook separated their ways after Taehyung gave birth to their twins. Jungkook took Haru(girl) with him while Taehyung kept Haneul (boy). After...

  • You're My Enemy ~ 🐰💜🐯
    200K 18.1K 108

    ☑️Completed☑️ This is my 5th Book.

    Completed   Mature
  • 新生 Xīnshēng ( Taekook/Vkook ) *On Hold
    2K 159 10

    as long as i had became BTS member.. there's one thing i had always regretted.. just like how army said it.. about shipping us together.. everytime i read a fanfic about the two of us.. what did they call it ? taekook ? i was secretly so happy.. but.. i never had the chance to make it true.. even until all of us disb...

  • Magic Shop | Taekook Fanfic
    89.1K 5K 18

    "W-who are you Mister? " Taehyung shrieks when he sees a complete stranger sleeping half naked beside him. "I expected better when I married you Tae. " Jungkook deadpans. When Taehyung went to sleep that night he did not expect to wake up as a 25 year old married adult. How? Well he stumbled upon the "Magic shop! "...

  • Folding Paper Hearts || Taekook / Vkook
    237 15 4

    ❝I remember that I used to gaze at him from afar, hoping that he'd turn to look at me. But deep down, I always knew he never would, because his eyes were on someone else. And now? He probably doesn't remember who I am.❞ Based off of Jungkook's cover of Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly, credit to her for her song, to Jungkoo...

  • Celebrities || Vkook Vs Vmin
    89.5K 4.4K 27

    Jungkook and Taehyung were best friends, but Taehyung still couldn't control his feelings for his best friend........ Jungkook has always wanted to be a celebrity, and Taehyung had been with him through thick and thin. So what happens if Jungkook finally gains his desire, and decides that he no longer needs Taehyung...

  • Revenge | Forced Marriage🐰🐯
    11.9K 289 17

    Where Taehyung and Jungkook breaks up.Mostly because of Taehyung.... and get forcefully married ...because of some family business... Then jungkook takes revenge and shows his bad side to taehyung...The way taehyung left him and shattered him into millions of pieces. But little did he knew Harm turns into care "Just D...

  • texting jungkook | kooktae
    84.6K 5.3K 46

    in which jungkook is an idol and taehyung is his fan. second part! chaptered top!kook | bott!tae

  • You take my mind away
    45.7K 2.7K 9

    God of underworld Jeongguk who is currently living in mortal realm finds an intruder in his house feasting on chocolate ice cream straight from the tub like a caveman. The twist is that the mute intruder can grow flowers??! Or where God of spring Taehyung who knows nothing about mortal world and his human form finds h...