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  • Cooking lessons
    8.2K 209 36

    Not my story. Just posting it because I can no longer find it on Wattpad. It's no longer in my private Library either, but I enjoy the story and found it online and wanted it in my library.

  • Hadrian The Green
    119K 4.3K 19

    Harry Potter was abused at a young age. What happens if one day it gets too much and his magic activates. Harry is taken to middle earth and grows up there. With the guidance of Rhadagast he becomes one of the Istari; Hadrian the Green. Hadrian(Harry)/Legolas

  • Reborn
    122K 2.9K 21

    Will have to read to find out

  • Blue Moon [completed]
    157K 5.7K 17

    Set in Year Eight at Hogwarts. Everyone has put the past behind them, and some unlikely bonds begin to form. An unexpected Christmas gift leads to mysterious thoughts and strange discoveries. Once in a blue moon, Draco Malfoy has access to Harry Potter's deepest thoughts. I do not own any of the characters or the stor...

  • Flower Tattoos (Snarry)
    46.5K 1.5K 12

    Harry's been getting flowers on his arm that means his soulmate is self harming. he goes to find out who it is and helps him. Ps. This is set in 8th year

  • Harry Potter: Dragon Whisperer
    63.6K 3K 18

    Being a parselmouth, Harry is hired by all of the Dragon Sanctuaries. His new job: to travel the world, check on all the dragons, talk to them and learn about them. The dragons have also heard of Harry's talent - as an artist and they can be pushy about having their portrait painted. With dragons, magizoologists and s...

  • Can't Have It Both Ways
    109K 3.2K 16

    If you are forced to participate in a competition that's reserved for adults only, doesn't that mean you should be considered an adult? Harry gets some much needed help and advice before having some fun by allowing his marauder heritage out to play

  • Because You're Worth It (Drarry)
    206K 7.6K 9

    After the war, Draco was being ignored by everyone. That is until he finds Harry under the tree by the Black Lake... Just a cute short story I wrote while on a break from one of my longer stories! Enjoy!

  • Please
    16K 1K 25

    Severus x James background Remus X Sirius What happens when Severus realizes he likes James? Will he let his father's abuse get in the way? Or will they live happily ever after? Mature for physical abuse and language. Physical abuse is in first chapter only, after is healing for a few chapters. Trauma because of abuse.

  • Darkness is my ally
    135K 5.5K 20

    Dumbledore's worst nightmare seems to have come to pass: finding Harry at Wool's Orphanage and then seeing him in Slytherin, the headmaster is faced with the prospect of another Tom Riddle, but the real truth about Harry is darker than he could ever imagine.

    Completed   Mature
  • Not in my Job Description
    55.6K 1.9K 25

    Sour Severus Snape is stuck at Hogwarts until the day he dies he always thought that he'd be alone till then, fate seems to prove him wrong. (A longer version of this will be published in my Archiveofourown account)

  • The Balance Between
    20.9K 877 15

    He is Loki of Asgard, the god of mischief, the rightful king of Jotunheim, Odinson, and last but certainly the most important: gender fluid. For much too long, Loki has been trapped in his male form because those around him (except, of course, his older brother and mother. So really, it was just Odin) could not accept...

  • A different story| Tomarry
    82.5K 2K 9

    In a world where your soulmates name is engraved on your wrist, how will it affect Harry Potter a young child abandoned by his family at Wool Home For Troubled Children- A insane asylum...... (THEY ARE THE SAME AGE)

  • Cursed (Jeverus Story)
    20.2K 677 13

    "After the death of Severus's parents. Severus decides to clean out out his parents' cupboard and saw a box that fallen on the floor written his name on it. He decides to open it . What is in box? what will happen to Severus?" First story. 1. VIOLENCE 2. LANGUAGE 3. MISTAKES( I think) I don't own the characters of t...

  • My Love (Snarry)
    179K 3.8K 22

    For those of you who have read 'My Lover', this is not the same thing it's about Severus and Harry, where Harry is a veela and finds out his mate is Severus who is a vampire.

  • You Were There For Me Through Gifts
    277K 9.8K 22

    Harrison Potter is the third child of the Potter's. And he's neglected by family and mostly everyone throughout his life (Not the usual abusive story). He thrives to be best and sometimes wishes someone to be with him. In his childhood he sets aside gift to someone in the world who feels alone like him and it disapp...

  • raised by dementor
    368K 13.8K 56

    All recognizable characters belong to J. K. Rowling, and I am not earning anything by writing this story. I am not a native speaker of English. Please excuse my mistakes.

  • 𝐌𝐮𝐭𝐞
    16K 502 8

    When Severus Snape comes back for his 6th year at Hogwarts he is mute. That is because of his father's abuse. He gets beat, hit, thrown you name it. Lily teaches him sign language and he manages to survive. James had a great summer, yet when he comes back to school he finds something different in Snape. He doesn't ta...

  • Harry Riddle || Harry potter
    295K 9.8K 46

    What if Tom Marvolo Riddle was Harry's biological father? Also on FanFiction.Net go support the artist on there! Sequel: Her stories: Go check those juicy stories out!

  • Sassy Ferret
    2.3K 132 1

    One summer break, Harry saw an injured ferret with a beautiful, white coat hanging down from a tree. He takes him in, only to realize he wasn't just an ordinary ferret, but a sassy one, an oddly familiar sass sparkling out of the rodent.

  • Accidental Injury Gone Right
    11.4K 429 4

    Harry is in a car accident which leaves him blind. Severus takes care of him, and eventually gathers some feelings for the blind boy. A shorter story with a larger than life message.

  • A Snake Named Voldemort
    164K 5.6K 24 Author: estalita11 Credits to her. Such Nice Story.

  • Sugar Quills DRARRY
    32.4K 1.4K 1

    Author: divinity_blends Draco watching Harry, and then... Things started to complicated.

  • Ah, Screw It!
    219K 8.6K 37

    Harry goes to sleep after the final battle... but he wakes up at his first Welcoming Feast under the Sorting Hat. Harry has been thrown back in time into his eleven-year-old body. If he's going to have suffer through this again, he's going to do all he can to make sure he enjoys himself

  • The Locket ~ Finished
    699K 20.5K 28

    Harry Potter's uncle went too far. A brutal beating left the boy mute. What will happen when Harry finds a suspicious looking locket and a blank diary in his trunk? Warning, mild cursing and eventual gore. By the way, sometimes I'll upload a chapter, but then take it back down. Sorry, I always forget to edit or add an...

  • Even After The death
    45.3K 1.2K 6

    Snaoe is experimenting on a new potion he developed but that happens when this goes wrong. Post war. 7 year.

  • Time to put your galleons where your mouth is
    57.5K 2.2K 21

    This story is not mine I claim no credit for the writing. The author is Tsume Yuki her work is on fanfiction. This is purely for my offline reading only. Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Master of Death, had been reborn more times than he could possibly count. It came with the job title, the second one that...

  • A Halloween Mess up
    176 15 3

    A group of students gather one night in an empty room of Hogwarts, they only wanted some fun before Hallowe'en. There wasn't a reason why they wanted to do it. They followed the instructions carefully and learn that there were more dire situations to the translated work.

  • The Dancing Spider
    5.8K 289 3

    "For the first ever round of our lip sync battle," Mr. Harrington announced, pulling two slips of paper out of a jar, "Michelle and Peter!" ~*~*~ Based on the video of Tom and Zen in the Lip Sync Battle but transformed into a Spiderman fanfic. I guess this is also kinda AU, since all the Avengers are together and happ...