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  • The Binding
    156 31 4

    The gods and demons of the ancient world were never myths but twisted from a very real past...and they are still living among us. When Kaja Landauer is violently killed she finds herself immersed in the world of the Avati, a race of ancient and indestructible people. And she is bound to a man, a legend among the Avati...

  • Tearin' Up My Heart
    2.4K 259 19

    Silbie Luna just wanted to pass her classes and become the first undergrad co-captain for her derby team. She never thought shooting a promo for the athletic department would lead to a coveted role in a highly anticipated movie series. But not only LA is filled with lies and deceit, it turns out her family is, too. O...

  • All Roads Lead Home ✓
    280K 10.8K 40

    Zoya Hart has been eluding her gold-digging stepmother for the last few years. Knowing that this woman will do anything to gain control of her and her late father's company, Zoya finds herself hiding out on a farm. Now, with a PI on her trail, Zoya's luck is running out in more ways than one. Roman DeRoux is fresh out...

  • X & Y ✓
    11.7K 967 29

    Kith never thought that her senior year of high school would be spent in a frat house, especially the frat house of her ex-best friend's, douchey, irresponsible older brother, Cameron. She'd fantasized about going to college since middle school, but not like this, not this early. She'd never planned on doing homework...

  • As Long As You Love Me ✓
    50.8K 3.3K 43

    Zari Davis flees Dallas after witnessing her fiancee cheating, with no clear plan on where she's going. After flipping her Volkswagon Beetle, she wakes up convinced that the cute guy that's been reading raunchy novels aloud while she slept is actually her boyfriend. Gabriel Luna's in a little over his head. After bein...

  • The Huntress ✓
    6.7K 735 38

    In the bloody, ruthless, and decidedly uncouth world of 17th century pirates, can a woman deceive even those closest to her and survive? Bronte is forced to make some tough decisions about her life and livelihood at far too tender an age in a time and place when options for women are few. Port Royal, Jamaica, in the 1...

  • Paragon ✓
    2.1K 349 21

    Every Paragon is one of a pair. When one is lost, the other is diminished. Holden lost his second before he could even remember her. Now that he's found her, he'll finally be complete. Katia Yazykova hides her darkest and most dangerous self, fearing the day she loses grip again. Intent on concealing her own violent h...

  • The Necromancer ✓
    63.5K 5.3K 23

    Perks of being normal - the dead leave you alone. Unfortunately, Laurel can't catch a break. Being haunted by her dead mom is one thing, but now there's a hot elf appearing in her bedroom offering her a job in the Otherworld. Raise the dead king and make him choose an heir. But when a cloaked figure tells her that the...

  • Valkyrie Rising ✓
    39.1K 3.2K 33

    In Novy Mir, the genetically beautiful are considered royalty. Those without desirable traits are Selected to the warrior section. Nadia Radoslav might just be the only person in the entire country to reject her future with the lovely Viry, choosing instead to follow the path of the Kuzabn warrior. But the leader of t...

  • Tell Me You Love Me ✓
    39.5K 2.2K 32

    Tarot cards and men with piercings, tattoos, and motorcycles - that's Greer Starkey's life. Until her sister dies, anyway, and her world is suddenly turned upside down. Now she's playing mom to her niece. Finding herself alone in a small town south of nowhere with a kid in tow, no parenting skills, and desperate for...

  • Never Let Me Go ✓
    3K 274 13

    Clara Forsyth knew what a hard life was like, going from one place to another with nowhere to call home. She preferred that sort of life rather than one in high society where parents expected a woman to marry young and act as docile as a puppy. It was destiny that placed her on the RMS Titanic that day, the same des...