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  • Perry the platypus x reader one shots
    27.4K 334 20


  • Kermit X Reader {Smutty Smut Smut}
    40.1K 432 6

    Its pretty obvious

  • Jesus X reader ((all jokes))
    81.5K 1.6K 16

    I hate myself

  • shrek x reader smut
    48.7K 580 11

    hi so i am 9 yeers old and i like shrek i think its good movie and i think he'd is hot and sexy nd i want to be in bed with him o i write smut with you and him thank u plz read

  • Shrek x Farquaad smut
    48.6K 793 10

    This is a detailed story of how the real story of shrek goes...

  • Just call me daddy (Donald trump X shrek a true love story)
    343K 7.2K 53

    The love story of Donald trump and Shrek

  • Shrek x Reader
    121K 2.4K 11

    For some reason this isn't really a massive joke??

  • dr.phil xxx steve Harvey
    15.4K 198 8

    it was a cold late night in the studio. dr phil and steve Harvey were trapped with no source of warmth besides their naked bodies.

  • Big Daddy (A Danny Devito x Big Bird story)
    2K 36 6

    Have you ever wanted to know how Daddy D and Big Bird got together? Well now you can. Read This and see the magic that is...Big Daddy.

  • thanos fucks the mcu
    44.6K 866 37

    the TRUE story of how thanos got the ifniyt stoneds feautring captain gaymerica and lemons this fic fucking sucks and is probably like very offensive. Probbaly because i wrote it when i was 13 lol

  • Shrek X Bread
    192K 7.5K 6

    I'm sorry

  • Pennywise the Dad!
    21.7K 327 9

    I decided to do this story because a lot of my friends say that I look like pennywise and that he's my dad(which i can see and okay with) and i thought if this story. There's a bit of a spoiler if you haven't read the book: Pennywise in his spider form gives birth to his off spring but finds out only 1 lived. Pennywi...

  • Peppa Pig's Salty Tea Party
    5.1K 185 7

    I hope you brought your potato chips and pretzels because this tea party is going to get salty. *COMPLETED*

  • Danny Devito x Thanos
    1.6K 89 8

    please dont question my sanity just love

  • Jared X
    1K 99 6

    Crack fics I've written featuring Jared Kleinman