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  • Daycare Kids in Fairy Tail Origins
    27K 1.1K 20

    Cousins Michael and Ritchie were mysteriously teleported into the world of Fairy Tail Origins from the daycare. They're found by the Fairy Tail Origins Versions of Austin, Bri, Brandon, and of course themselves and now they're trying to figure out how to get them home! But there is an evil lurking in the shadows. Will...

  • Fairy tail origins one shots
    31.2K 842 29

    random things I wrote and yes you can ask for a story cover is not mine its a meme someone made till I get a better thing so cridet to the maker. Also please note Fairytale origins is not mine non of the people I use are mine either unless I say different.

  • Tomb Juice (ItsOmegaW)
    8.3K 339 17

    Michael gets back from the Underworld and is met by an excited Austin and annoyed Bri. They talk and "Punch" is drunken. Now what if something else happened to the two when they drink the tomb juice. Secrets are revealed, enemies are made, and friends become more. This my friends is why we don't drink the Tomb Juice...

  • Baby Fariy Tail Bryan
    28.5K 772 27

    Bryan was reading when David comes up to him and asks him to drink a wired looking drink and something happens to Bryan when he drinks it.......

  • Origins Of Olympus // Oneshots/Stories( On Hiatus)
    21.5K 460 26

    based on THEIR series, go follow them (p.s Origins Of Olympus)

  • FTO Stories/Oneshots(Discontinued)
    7K 138 10

    JUST READ THE DAMN STORY TO FIND OUT...(if you're curious about it)

  • Deep secrets
    372 23 1

    Bryan, a fire dragon slayer wizard joins the protectors guild. His past is troubled and joining the guild will lead to more will he be able to handle the pressure, learn to be a better wizard, and stay alive??

  • Ask or dare FTO
    3.2K 84 7

    This is basically just the same thing as my "ask or dare OoO" but it's FTO instead. The characters are going to act like how they do/will be in my version You can ask or dare anyone from the guilds anything (including me) The ships (not ship names) are (I don't care if you don't like them): Bryan x Jakey Michael x Rit...

  • Fairytail Origins reacts to ships
    45.5K 1.2K 55

    Fairytail Origins reacts to ships. The characters will. suggest ship ideas. Also not all ideas will be supported

  • FTO Mario Oneshots
    54.6K 1.8K 41

    **Permanent Hiatus** This is based off a MC series called Fairytail Origins and MarioMania's portrayal of it. My story does have Mario's character acting OOC in that he's a lot sweeter than you think kind of way. I would like everyone to keep in mind that this is fanfiction, it is not real and this is just something...

  • Fairytail Origins and Origins of Olympus Crossover
    45.9K 1.1K 27

    Two origins stories as one Best Rankings: #1 - Kario #3 - Pandafire11 #8 - Brakey

  • Fairytail Origins AU
    14.6K 426 24

    Basically Fairytail Origins modernized Also this is just a fan fiction on FTO so yeah

  • True Form[No Longer Updating]
    3.6K 100 10

    When our friends from Protectors find strange potion that unlucky was broked on Lo pho our dear friends will be shocked by something that their Cat was hiding (That it's before GMG party and probably I could possibly make few characters more powerful )

  • Origins of Olympus Brakey oneshots and scenarios
    8.3K 147 9

    You can request whatever as long as it's not angst or a lemon.

  • Ritchie is a Single Father Now
    612 43 1

    This is all I could think of watching Ritchie and Michael's OoO finales. Here's my take on Austin finding out what happened.

  • Ambrosia Heals
    1.8K 128 5

    OoO Aftermath Brakey ~ aka Bryan is getting better

  • Fire Burns Anxiety, Right?
    618 28 1

    Bryan and Jakey can comfort each other and give each other strength as well as their little Protector family. FTO Brykey/Brakey 'cuz I can. Seriously what's the official ship name?

  • [OH] Collection of fanfics
    12K 330 8

    Just a collection of fanfics that i made revolve some youtubers. I'll put it hiya ~Bookmarks~ [>] Worthless | ItsOmega/Mitchi Fanfic! [>] What it means to be twin|ItsRockstarrW/Ritdon Fanfic! [>] Victims|ItsOmega Fanfic! [>] Family |DivinusMagiaasFamily! ProtectiveBrandon! ProtectiveDivinusMagia! [>] Points| DivinusM...

  • The Dream Team! Oneshots and stories
    9.9K 226 8

    Hey! I saw a couple of these fanfictions for a specific group of people and I loved them but they were all discontinued with bad writing/wording. So I'm taking it upon myself to write some more seeing as they're so hard to find. Edit: I somehow need to say this as someone didn't seem to get it before. I am doing this...